Shkodran Mustafi (20)


Man… when playing for Germany he has a complete different set of players… better set of players.

I like Mustafi, but I think he is overrated (by some Arsenal fans).
He needs to up his game more often.


Can you stop clicking quote and having it bring in 3/4/5 previous posts please.


Mustafi is worth every penny of what we paid for him in todays market. Full international, young for a defender and is far from poor.

Defending starts from the front. You cant just buy a couple of CB’s and everythings sorted. Our open game in general allows the oppo to counter us effectively. This is why 75mil for VvD is laughable for me - Pool will still be opened up because they play a similar exspansive game.

Of course you’d rather a good defender rather than an average one, but the system and the players in front of the defenders can be just as important.

We won the FA cup final with a defence we shouldn’t have won with, all because the team as a whole played like a unit.


Wanted to give this guy some credit. We seem to comment more on bad performances than good ones. But he was brilliant tonight. Gave away a couple of silly free kicks but aside from that he was defensively solid, always on the front foot.

Sure he has idiotic moments sometimes but he’s still young (by CB standards) and learning. I’m glad we kept hold of him.


Guy is either world class or a mess.

If he sorts the consistency out we’ll be cooking with gas :sunglasses:


You don’t become a German international by being shit.


I think next season we will see Mustafi take over from Kos as our most consistent CB.


Even Koscielny can be WC or completely shit. It’s just our pattern. Another manager would surely stabilize us.




been thinking the same to be honest. that’s most likely


This move… really bad.
Top CB won’t make this kind of stupid leap.


Mustafi has to improve a lot next season.


Are we sure he’ll be here come next season? What happened to the rumors of the club wanting to move him on?


Kos has done stupider things when he was at the top of his game, tbf.


It was more him wanting out apparently.


We all know Kos will have a major “collapse” once in a while… either not marking his man, or cost us a penalty, or own goal… :wenger:

What I meant was, Mustafi is far from being a real top player.
He is a great additional don’t get me wrong, but that move was really reckless (to get himself injured) and stupid. Just unnecessary.


wonder if we combine him and xhaka, would we have enough braincells viable for life.

Really is a miracle these 2 remember to breathe at times.




I mean we can blame Wenger all we want for our open and sometimes expansive play - but some of the errors this idiot makes are just because he’s a fucking idiot.

I’m all for blaming Wenger for everything under the sun but I’m not blaming him for these stupid defensive errors.


By all accounts they don’t spend any time going over mistakes so yea, I still hold him somewhat responsible.