Shkodran Mustafi (20)


Good game from the Moose… today was a great example of why we need new tactical coaching throughout the back and mid - we rely so much on individual “make up” plays and he did well given the shambles around him and in front of him.


B/c the team has no tactical concept or connectivity without the ball… from defense to mid we are all just individuals who seem to operate without any f*ing clue what the rest are doing.


That’s a key reason as to why we always need at least three to four goals to ensure we win a game.

A lot of the time it’s down to individual performances rather than the collective and you simply can’t win the biggest honours that way.

Great game from Mustafi though, was everywhere and dealt with everything they threw at him. Capped it off with a classy goal also, was my MOTM.


I‘m starting to like Mustafi again. Sure, he has had some suspect performances, but he is still only 25 - can only see him getting better. How good was Koscieleny at 25?

(P.S. Shkodran is a better striker than Lukaku. Pass it on)


3 out of 4 duels is probably good. Depending on what the fuck is considered a duel I guess.


I think Mustafi is only 6’1"…
So most of the duel should count, as long as the opponent is not as short as Tomas Hassler.


I’m just being cynical of the stat. If it said aerial duel at least you can interpret that but you don’t know these days whether it’s including things like shielding a ball out of play or some other thing. :slight_smile:


As long as the same rule applies to everybody it should be OK…


He beat Kaiba, Joey and Yugi but lost to Marik I guess.


Had to Google that…I’m 35 years old ffs!!


You’re probably just not as huge a nerd as I am


Ha I got that… Oh god I got that.


Isn’t it 50-50 tackles and headers


Weren’t we talking about aerial duel???


Back in 07/08 we had Senderos starting 14 games for us. But because that team actually was coherent defensively and set-up the right way Arsenal could afford to play a lesser player for over 1200 minutes. The spending aside I really do believe going for the more possession-based 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 style is the biggest mistake Wenger ever made. Even with a bit of a quality poor and injury riddled squad in 08-09 they still managed to only lose 6 games. I don’t think that happened since.


He’s trash, we should cut our losses and offload him as soon as possible.Whether we replace him is another question.

He always has an error in him, can’t dominate in the air or in one on one situations, often falls asleep, spends half moaning at other when he’s at fault and his forward distribution is atrocious.



You could literally be talking about any of our defenders for some/most/all of that.


None of them cost 35 million


So you are saying

if defender price < 35 million
{ ok to be trash }

Makes sense.