Shkodran Mustafi (20)


Sol had a bit of a mental breakdown though didnt he? I’d be highly surprised if that’s the case with Mustafi, so I personally wouldn’t draw comparisons. Sol’s case seems to stand out as a bit of a one off.

When I posted the link I spoke in certainties and of course I can’t do that really, how could I really from my living room? I am genuinely sceptical about how injured he was though.


Looked like when he attempted the pass he tweeted his hamstring.


Pretty sure that was related to his father passing away. A far cry to conceding against Lingaard.


I’m sure there is more to it than embarrassment if Mustafi has really done this. Bet people reacted exactly this way to the Campbell thing at the time too.


Suddenly everyone is a medical professional lol.

Injuries can happen at any time and look totally innocuous particularly the worst ones, I can’t buy he feigned injury at all.


There is a certain irony in this.


Lol he got his phone out to have a convo over social media with his hamstring? You mean tweaked? I am not a grammar or spelling nazi…its just this one made me laugh, soon football players will be doing stuff like this like selfies, tweeting their injured body parts haha.


When Wenger is unaware of what is wrong with Mustafi even after a whole match & some has gone, despite having direct access to physios & medics; you have to lean more towards the injury being ‘fake’; unless it is something major.


Phone auto correct lol didn’t even noticed lol.


We as fans don’t know much, don’t know anything.
Why jump to conclusion that fast??


Still no news. The last thing Wenger said was he doesn’t know whats wrong with Mustafi. Can only wait and see.


My guess is that we won’t see him for a while. Out with “a strange injury”.


He’ll play against Southampton I think


He should. We shouldn’t fuck his form up by piling on one mistake.


Any news?


on Mustafi’s injury…
A little thigh problem, but it’s a small one.

on when he could be back…
It’s a possibility - if not Southampton, it will be [for] West Ham.

Fine as expected


So he faked it in the end? He is already fine! :mustafi:


Thought him and Chambers were good tonight.


Has to start every league game


Same, thought they both played well.

But then why is our defence still so bloody shaky?!