Shkodran Mustafi (20)


not a change of mind, just a statement all i was saying is if there is nothing genuinely wrong with him and he put that performance in then cried wolf to be subbed instead of being a man and helping the team then he hasnt got the fight for it and he should have genuinely being sold and wenger probably did see something bad in him.


Performance wise, he was at fault, no doubt.
For the behind the scene stuffs, better wait longer and see.

Maybe he was really injured…


Certainly the most reasonable explanation… I honestly cannot fathom a player at that level faking an injury after making a big mistake… absolute shambles if true, but hard to believe. Now, maybe it was something he COULD have fought through and he took a bit of the easy way out, but still…


If he did fake it, I agree, get rid of him.


Even if he did fake it, and I’m not convinced he did, our performance improved once he left the field anyway, partly because we brought on another attacker.

I actually don’t care if I’m being honest.


If he faked it, his contract should be terminated immediately. Terrible behaviour.


Maybe irrelevant…
Fake injury and diving… Which is worse???


Surely he didn’t fake it. I can’t see the reason or motive for doing so. Seems far fetched to me if I’m honest


Not a chance he faked it. Sorry, but a professional footballer doesn’t do that.

It’s up there with people thinking Wenger allows Özil to play and miss whatever games he chooses.


Not buying that he faked it either.

He really doesn’t seem the type at all.


Faked it but we’ll never know. Go Inter


Ramsey literally did the same last year against Pool. When the going gets tough, pretend to be injured and go home.


Plenty of professional fake it when their embarrassing mistakes leads to a goal.


Feigning injury is something a footballer would never do, footballers are known for being totally honest when it comes to whether they are hurt or not. There definitely isn’t a wide spread culture of lying about that kind of thing.

Your faith in the honesty of professional footballers is almost sweet in its naivety.


Absolutely nothing happened for him to be injured. You could watch that replay a thousand times and the only time he suddenly becomes injured is when Lingard pokes the ball in the net.


Guess we are not gonna see him for a while. Wenger is surely furious with him.


Lol I knew he wasn’t injured he wanted to come off because he fucked it for the second goal.

He’s been brilliant this season though so maybe it was just a bad game


Pussy, then.


A professional football player should never sub himself off after 10-15 mins because he made a mistake.

If there was no injury, I don’t believe he should ever be selected for the club again. What did we pay £35m plus good wages for if he doesn’t have the mental fortitude to play on after an error?


Campbell not only left the pitch but the stadium and country that time against West Hamand he was back playing within a couple of months. Honestly, we shouldn’t be judging this until we know a bit more.