Shkodran Mustafi (20)


More of the same on the pitch, please! That’s the right attitude.


Or the club maybe also had a desire to sell and he was told as much?


This man again.



Rock solid. He looks happy to stay.


Barnes was pissing the fuck off, backing in Mustafi and then folding over like he was shot in the head.


Mustafi dominating. Back to the mustafi where we hardly conceded and went unbeaten our first 13 matches with him playing.


He is a quality CB and I hope he stays.
It’s been a long time since we had two top class CB’s who seem to play well together.


Mustafi rediscovering his form when he first joined us, let’s hope it’s here to stay.


In the five PL games that Laurent Koscielny, Shkodran Mustafi & Nacho Monreal have started together this season, Arsenal have conceded zero goals.

With Mustafi this season: 7 games, 1 goal conceded. Without Mustafi: 6 games, 15 goals conceded.


So Mustafi was spared the indignity of playing vs Liverpool and City :yum:


As good as he has been in the last two games, the one memory that I have is that sliding tackle he made against Burnley to block a shot on goal, where he basically put his body on the line. Any other Arsenal defender would have just stood and put out a weak leg in the general direction of the shot, knowing well enough that it won’t make a difference, but not Mustafi, not in that instance. He made sure he slid full length on the pitch to get to the shot and present his whole body as a target, John Terrysque. Was awesome to see an Arsenal defender take such pride in keeping a clean sheet.


Did the same against Kane in the spurs game.

@JakeyBoy good point, but there’s a chance if he had been in the team and he’d have played like he did against spurs and Burnley that maybe we wouldn’t have lost so badly.


There is a chance, granted.

Just goes to show the superficiality of such stats though, they don’t mean much unless you actually examine which teams are faced in each sequence of results, and the circumstances under which the matches were played.


And last season we were undefeated in Mustafi’s 22 first games or something


Pussyhole faked it


ofcourse he faked it.
There was nothing in that whole event for him to be injured.


He could have easily passed the ball to Kos, or Cech.
Then made the wrong and difficult decision.


Really poor behaviour from him. Knew he was at fault so he decided to get out of the pitch.


Maybe this is why wenger was trying to sell the fucker in the summer and we were all thinking what the fuck are you playing at. He probably saw in training or something that he has major issues as a player.


People change minds pretty quick…
A week ago we said we hadn’t lost a number of games when he started.
Today, he is the asshole.