Shkodran Mustafi (20)


Queue Chambers.


So the famous “3 weeks” :mustafi:


Not sure whats been going on with Chambers but he’s been in & out of training. If we’re missing both Koscielny & Mustafi I think it’s best we go to a back 4, don’t want to see any combination of Nacho, Per, Holding or Chambers in a 3.


Just great! Our usual luck with the injuries :xhaka:


No one believes in Holding anymore. :slightly_frowning_face:


It was inevitable.

Feared for him long term from the off.


Heard a stat on NBC today. We’ve only conceded one goal with him starting for us in the PL this season. I know everyone has been on his case a bit for not looking that great, but he’s getting us the results. Hope he’s back soon. Although we don’t look too shabby with the BFG in there today, as long as he keeps getting the job done we should be ok.


Best game in an arsenal shirt?

Thought he was immense and MoTM


^^^^ still only conceded one goal then? Mustafi is a beastttttttttt. That header tho! :smiley:


He was crazy good today and fully definitely deserved the goal he scored, was all over Kane and had him in his back pocket.

As you said probably his best performance for us and what a game to have it in!


Someone who can get a hold of the video please embed that shit. What a dream header.






That’s made me laugh but I can’t give it a like. It’s too weird. :joy:


Arsenal made 15 clearances (of their 37) in that time (last 30 minutes) with Mustafi making 7 (of his 14) clearances in that last 30 minutes and Koscielny and Mustafi combining for 6 headed clearances in this time.

  • 45 – Total clearances by Mustafi in the Premier League this season

  • 14 – Clearances by Mustafi (led all players)

  • 25 – Clearances by Koscielny and Mustafi combined

  • 68 – Percent of Arsenal’s clearances by just Koscielny and Mustafi



Still find his desire to join Inter last summer so strange. He’s doing really well and seems to enjoy his time here. Puzzled.


Something to do with his wife I read.


Should be our next captain. Hero


Whenever any player has a go at the media, they are automatically ‘bitter’.