Shkodran Mustafi (20)


No one but sol Campbell himself turned himself into a blubbering wreck what he fuck is he talking about?

Is Tim Stillman really trying to say sol Campbell’s demise was due to our style of play and not him having a mental breakdown because his lover Quincy Awoso had been sold?

Also William gallas problems were due to him being a prick and kolo toure refusing to play with him and less to do with our style of play


Stillmans theory is more believable than yours.


Sol Campbell and Quincy Owusu-Abeyie? :joy::joy: Not heard that rumour before!


Obviously that was a joke and that was the rumour at the time

it wasn’t Arsenal’s style of play that caused sol Campbell to run away at half time then go missing and litrelly nobody at the club know where he’s gone for a week plus was it?


That was the rumour at the time I promise!


I dont mind Mustafi. We could make Maldini in his prime look bad with how expansive we play. Xhaka isn’t the almighty guardian of a DM we were hoping for either, so our defence suffers because of our midfield.

Saying that though I really dislike the way he goes to ground so often. Accident waiting to happen almost every game.


I meant that it can happen to be “more relaxed” against such a shit opponent.


I do basically agree with that point that our style of play dosent favour defenders we didn’t make sol campbell, kolo toure, Martin known, koshelny, Mertesacker look bad to varying degrees


We believe you. :wink:


I’m sure someone will remember that was joke at the time, If you look back the West Ham game when he stormed off at half time was just after we had shipped out Quincy


God he is so shit isn’t he, no wonder we wanted to get rid of him.


We got absolutely done, 35 million, fucking hell.


Or maybe he wanted to move.


Yeah I thought he was probably our worst player on the pitch again.


Don’t think he was that bad today tbh


Load of his lapses in judgment could have resulted in goals today. Because Brighton aren’t very clinical it masks a pretty diabolical defensive performance.

Better teams will put us to the sword and I don’t think we’re as far away from the Anfield performance as Wenger says.


Only one I can remember is that Murray header that I thought went in :joy:.

Edit yeah this doesn’t look bad to me…


Arseblog :joy:

Arsenal must now consider how to reach the Premier League’s slide tackle quota which states each side must complete a prescribed number of challenges which see a defender go needlessly to ground.

The former Valencia man has been the designated slider since his arrival last August, but the Gunners will have to find a way to cope without the Hank Scorpio lookalike for some time.



We’ve got chambers holding and Per. Plenty of cover.