Shkodran Mustafi (20)


That fan is gutted. Getting a perma ban for celebrating a disallowed goal lol


He got away with one last night. I wish someone would pull him aside and say, “Look, Shkody mate, these sliding tackles in dangerous areas are not big, they’re not clever and they’re not fun so FUCKING STOP IT!”

On a lighter note… :grin:


He looks happy again after failed to leave.


Honestly, can we leave this guy in Belarus? He was getting done by factory workers! Man’s a liability.

What’s Pascal Cygan doing these days?


Lol what they aren’t some part time non league team :neutral_face:

They’ve won the league in Belarus the last 11 seasons


How could we get it so wrong with him?? £35m for him?!

We’d have been better off getting Simon Kjær instead of letting him go to Sevilla.



Yeah it was a joke Calum. I’m fully aware of who they are and their history. But thanks anyway :grinning:

Regardless of who they are it doesn’t change the fact that Mustafi just isn’t doing the business.


What a surprise, another decent defender made to look like a fool.

He really should be developing his art of defending but like everyone else is regressing.


Shocking performance by him and what got me even more was the lack of effort he put in to recover some of the situations after he had made a mess of it. The number of times he got beat would have made you think he was playing against Hazard or Bale or someone of that calibre.


Just hope his crap performance was only down to the fact we played BATE and so he didn’t bother. He has been good so far.


Yeh i think he underestimated them.


Think he’s been very poor this season. Whether we should even be playing him after this summer’s turn of events is questionable. It’s almost as if we’re playing him because we paid a substantial sum for him. Calum Chambers is waiting for his chance and we’re playing a chap who could potentially be off next summer anyway.


I don’t think Mustafi has regressed. He was never a top quality defender to begin with. I never really wanted this signing.

Honestly at this point Evans would have been the better signing. That isn’t even hindsight because I was one of those being gocal about how average I thought he was.


He’s not been shockingly bad during his time here IMo

Far from perfect but he had plenty of extended periods last season where he was more than compitant for us


I can’t decide if he is a good defender or not.


I can’t decide if he is a defender or not


I don’t feel it’s fair to blast defenders (anymore) for as long as they have to play in the system of Wenger. They still have the high line/one-v-one situations to deal with. Most defenders are going to be mistake prone in such a set up. Even Koscielny has his missteps.


Probably true to be fair. Tim Stillman said something similar. He was referring to Monreal but the overall point still stands


And Monreal shares certain qualities with Koscielny; pace and mobility with which they can recover bad positioning etc.