Shkodran Mustafi (20)


He’s handed in a transfer request apparently


This club :joy:


Things have to be pretty dire for the likes of Mustafi to be handing in transfer requests. You have to wonder how it’s possible that he could be wanting to gtfo so desperately and for his mates Özil, Xhaka, etc., not to be of a similar mind. Guessing those two basically just don’t have better options.


Did you see that on twitter or another site? Can’t seem to see anything on Twitter at the mo

Honestly this is one of the strangest transfers from this club I can remember.


ArsenalFanTV posted it on Instagram an hour ago


Lol @Oliver maybe an even better source than The Sun? The fucking Arsenalfantv instagram page. Poor poor Arsenal fanatics :no_mouth:


Any speculation on why he wants a transfer?


It is a shame… everybody wants to escape from this




would prefer to play for inter I guess


According to Sky Italia, Arsenal want Inter Milan to pay a loan fee of €5m to take Shkodran Mustafi for the 2017-18 season.
On top of that, they want the Italian giants to agree to a €25m purchase at the end of the season, triggered if the German international plays over 50% of their league games during the campaign.


I’ll have you know I’ve had my time as a legitimate source. :hipster:

Perhaps co-incidentally, but Arsenal dont use my previous employer for web and audio conferencing solutions anymore, so no more spying :cry:


I think they said that was Inter’s offer, not our demands.


Decent enough offer. He was most likely only £35m because Arsenal were buying. I bet Inter could’ve had him for €30m last year.



Credi where it’s due, he battled Morata today and won the majority of skirmishes the two had. Very very good game. More of that please.


So funny when he celebrated a disallowed goal. Good game overall though.


That’s another thing I was thinking about. Fuck the officials, seriously. They fucked us at stoke with a legit goal called offside. They can’t fuck up once in our favor and allow an offside goal? Ffs we really are due some luck at the bridge, that shoulda been it.


That was pretty far offside tbf Treb. I’m glad I don’t have to listen to two full days of “Arsenal offside” talk on TalkSPORT this week.