Shkodran Mustafi (20)


Dean’s claiming a loan deal to Inter is being finalised


Chambers to the rescue, then :hipster:


Seriously if true, what the fuck is the point of a loan deal for a player like Mustafi ??


Honestly what the fuck is Wenger doing?! I could maybe understand selling him but loaning him out?!

Absolute madness :confused:


'Member when Elneny played CB in pre-season? :wenger:


Reality is, like always, if you don’t loan players out, we have plenty of options in most positions, just not enough good ones.


Dean reckons it’s a compulsary buy at the end of the loan with most of the funds being re-couped.


Wenger tried him as CB in pre-season because he already wanted to sell Mustafi :henry2:


We don’t need a defense or a solid midfield guys. Relax.


says who…wenger?! :bellerin:


It would be a good plan to sell him if the idea was to go with Koscielny and Holding a the starting CB pair in a four, keep Bielik and develop him like Holding last season, and have Monreal and Mertesacker as emergency options behind them. Kolasanic and Monreal as options at LB and Bellerín at RB, we’d need to sign a RB too, but this is all obviously theoretical because none of these things I’m suggesting are going to happen. :slight_smile:


I expected 3 at the back to be done by Jan or Feb, wouldn’t surprise me if it’s not even made it to September.


But do you think we could do any better than getting our money back for him? Basically makes last summers window a complete waste and a huge setback.


We could start to play like old Stoke… batten down the hatches and hoof the ball forward to Ollie… Kola, Xhaka, Le Coq can batter some people… yep, solid plan.


That’s more or less the norm for Arsenal windows under Wenger for many years now but at least we got Holding last summer.


AMN can be back up right back


Niles is very poor…


And the only reason for that is Wenger’s shitness rather than anything being wrong with the formation. It’s a piss take seeing as when he played the right players in their actual positions it clearly worked.


I’ve liked the look of him from what I’ve seen to be honest


Over the years he has impressed me - I think people are perhaps overreacting to his horrid performance in the latest U23 against City… he was misplacing passes and was pretty terrible… hard to say with him. It isn’t the worst option as back-up to Bellerin - and Le Coq can slot in at RB in a pinch as well.

I think our issue right now is stick or twist on the 3 at the back and squad/players not suited and/or not adjusted… we are giving away goals for fun and it isn’t all on our calamitous CM.