Shkodran Mustafi (20)




Just a theory a read somewhere that the board agreed to wengers demands to keep those 2 for their last years but if any good offer come in for other first team members we should sell


Makes sense if a deal like that were done over Chamberlain, but why Mustafi? Wenger is under no pressure to sell him this summer, it can only be related to Wenger not rating him and the van Dijk transfer being on the cards for us


Haha trying to rationalise whatever the fuck Wenger is thinking.


I dont think he knows what he is thinking at the best of times, sure he finds his mixed up mind perplexing himself!


So if he goes we have 5 centre backs in the squad including Monreal playing the back 3 formation, what’s the bet Elneny spends a fair chunk of the season playing as a CB ?


I’m not sure he’s genuinely sold on the idea of three at the back. He seems to be almost self sabotaging the formation in the hopes of moving back to his favoured 433/4231.


honestly we needed a centre back before the transfer window had even opened and now we have let 1 go (honestly I’m glad Gabriel has gone) and could let another one go in Mustafi, now we definitely need to bring in someone

I just find it really odd letting Mustafi go after just one season, especially as we paid over 30 million for him and used him last season regularly


You would imagine he wouldn’t go without somebody coming in. He was undoubtedly a first choice player last season with a back 2, nevermind a back 3. Monreal has proved iffy at CB in a pair and Wenger surely isn’t pinning his hopes on Holding.


On the bench again. Surely there’s must be some truth to the rumours.


And yet, we keep trying to appease Ox. Madness.


? huh


With Mustafi benched again, there’s a good chance that all this heresy of a move away from Arsenal is true. Yet, Ox is the first name on the team sheet, all the while him or his agent have been agitating their position at this club in recent months. Baffling.


Not sure Ox and his agent have done anything. Much like bellerin, it’s been paper talk that the both players have had to deny.


Has Ox actually denied?


Now I understand why he wants out lol


Don’t think so. At least I haven’t seen him doing so.


Was he just another Perez like signing to please the fans and not someone that Wenger really wanted. Maybe him and his wife/Girlfriend haven’t settled in London, with a new baby probably think been closer to home would be a good move. Or maybe he’s a Inter Supporter growing up and it’s a dream move.

I’m finding it hard to call this one, but definitely think he’s wanting out. Don’t think he’s a big loss imo, started off quite well for us but looked half the player after his few weeks out after injury. If we replace him (that’s a big IF) then he won’t be a big miss.


If he wants to stay and is being sold because he isn’t really in our plans, and we don’t get a replacement then it is a sackable offence imo.


We aren’t even making a profit FFS!