Shkodran Mustafi (20)


Lexi and Shkodran can leave…We cannot.

This is actually quite funny to me. 2 players that I’d wager most would have in their starting line-ups (though I couldn’t give a toss about Lexi) want out even though the seasons just begun and window about to close. Roll up, roll up and see the greatest show on Earth. :neutral_face:


WTF is happening,I hope that’s some BS reporting.


We thought we were in crisis before.

Nah, this is now a crisis.


It’ll be a crisis if he isn’t replaced.


This is really bizarre.


He probably doesn’t fancy his chances competing against Monreal for central defense…


Arsenal…The ship that keeps on sinking :joy:


Maybe he’s been told he’s not in Arsene’s plans or something. I remember when we signed him he wasn’t our first choice target.


I think he saw Monreal playing the center of that back three, ahead of him, and thought “Fuck this”.


Some summer - what the fuck is going on lol


If we do sell him there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t be able to get at least what we paid for him. It’s not like he has had an incredibly poor season or a season like Perez where his chances were limited. Especially in today’s market, we should be able to get a decent fee. He has a contract until 2021 FFS. Not that I want to sell him of course - I find it all quite baffling.


Has to be some personal falling out between them, or else some brutal ambition shown by Mustafi in getting out at the right time


joining inter is in no way a step up in this day and age


Depends on how far were going to fall.

This whole thing is as bizarre as it is depressing.


That’s what happens when you miss out on the Champions League. I just don’t get why we are keeping Ozil and Sanchez.


According to Sky Italia, Inter are closing on Mangala on loan with option to buy.


If this deal goes through I fully expect to look back on this summer as worse than a few years ago when we only signed a keeper.

We started the summer knowing we needed midfield help, defensive help and striking help. We signed a left wing back and a striker. We also knew we had some issues with players that needed to move off the books and players we wanted to sign to extensions.

We failed to sign any midfield help. We failed to move any players off the books with the exception of depleting our center back options (assuming Mustafi also leaves) making it more likely that SK plays at center back. We didn’t fix any of the contract situations.

In some ways this is classic Arsene. He’s gambling and gambling and gambling, each time something goes wrong he doesn’t admit it, he just doubles down.


Why don’t you just relax. Theres an entire 5 days to fix everything. :joy:


Now you’re getting it. :mustafi:


The only explanation I’ve seen that makes he slightest bit of sense is that arsene has had to battle to keep sanchez and ozil for the last year of their contracts and has been told ok but you have to make sacrifices else where