Shkodran Mustafi (20)


I am fucking lost for words.

Sanchez and Ozil going next summer, Oxlade off tomorrow, Mustafi leaving now too??? But no signings???

Two fullbacks playing at centreback? A rb playing LWB??? Midfield is fucked. Our strikers can’t finish.

Holdings confidence was destroyed on GW1, Per and Chambers are behind two FB for the CB position and now we’re selling Mustafi?? Monreal has a few years left, we’re trying to sell Gibbs, we won’t sell Perez or we will, we’re not trying to sign any real impact additions…

I have never been so lost or confused in my life.

Is Wenger trying to fuck us Fergie style just to prove a point or something?


It’s time!


That maybe so but his performance continued the trend of inconsistent and lukewarm performances from last season. He doesn’t give anybody confidence that he’s ready to lead an Arsenal defence with Kos absent or long term in the future. Bare in mind we spent alot of money on this guy, it would make sense to try and recoup as much as we can and invest in better

@Arsenal4thetreble We don’t even know if they’re interest is concrete yet but I doubt he’s move to Chelsea to play WB.


One thing is sure, it’s not going to be an option to buy but a straight buy or an obligation to buy. Otherwise it would make 0 sense.



I really, really struggle to think of any sort of likely thought why they are doing this (I don’t think van Dijk is likely).


In 2 months then. He’s injured.


If Ox really just doesn’t want to be a wingback, how does moving to Chelsea make any sense? It is clear as day that Conte would play him at RWB (the idea of him playing regularly in CM for a manager like Conte, an ex CM who knows the tactical requirements of that position as well as anybody, is not credible).

I have no clue what is going on with Mustafi. But Wenger very rarely gives up on a player after a year and I’m skeptical of the idea that he would sell him voluntarily given our other options. We played Monreal in the center of defense last couple games, two of our other options are the completely unproven Holding and Chambers, and our other two options are an ancient Per and a player in Kos that is on the wrong side of 30 and has had recurrent Achilles issues. Its hard to imagine Wenger looking at that situation and thinking “What I really need to do is sell Mustafi.”


When it comes to Wenger the less sense something makes the more worried I am that that’s exactly what’s going to happen. :weary:


Find it hard to believe Chelsea have waited to last week of the window to bid for Ox if they really wanted him there. likely scenario is that they see him as a good versatile homegrown player. It remains to be seen whether he’ll want to move there and play as WB for the rest of his career, which we know he doesn’t want. Heck we don’t even know if he wants to leave this summer yet. Wherever he goes he’ll get assurances over CM position

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

I don’t know about the assurances part but I agree with everything else.


Yes I’m sure you know much more about football than Conte does.


Not even close. But what evidence is there that Conte wants to play him at CM? None as far as I can see.


Yeah it’s quite evident they won’t be looking to play him there at least not primarily which is why they’re after Barkley or Drinkwater as well as Chamberlain.


Only evidence being that he bossed it last year at that spot and also has been our best attacking player and great passing so far this season. Conte knows.


Really not sure he bossed it from central midfield! :eyes:

Only a Chamberlain fanatic would think this :wink:


Shipping out 2 CBs? Chambers back is one covered…Surely a signing must be on the way in then? :gabriel:


Mertesacker back is another one covered… :arteta::campbell::per:


No new signings are coming in. Since Arsenal haggled and dithered and have been unable to move on Perez and Gibbs, Mustafi makes the most sense to meet the club’s goals for the transfer window, which is of course, profit.




haha 2 of the 3 players we signed last summer want to leave already