Shkodran Mustafi (20)


I would love to see it renewed too. But with players who are actually better than what we have. Laca is not that. Just my opinion though if you like to see mediocre players replaced by more mediocre players, and pay a lot for said mediocre players, whatever floats your boat my dood. Arsenal honestly should have just given the money to me, what a fucking waste.


I don’t want to see mediocre players replacing mediocre players, obviously. But I know that as long as Wenger is in charge we won’t get out of mediocrity. Hence why it’s bothers me less.


Ok. Wonder why Barca are not after him to replace Neymar :thinking:


Getting rid of Mustafi in any way shape or form? Good business that.


Messi would be called mediocre by some of our fans.


Mustafi is overrated but he’s still our 2nd best centre back, would be hilarious if Wenger sold him and didn’t bring in a quality replacement.


Nah, whoever is dragging their fucking feet in the transfer market is the issue. Whether that be Wenger or the board fuck them. Honestly i’ve asked for a David Dein type to take over all transfer operations. Wenger could do the business if we invested like a billion on a squad. I’ve got no doubt about that. If we really have all those cash reserves we need to act like it.



??? What the hell is going on


It truly is weird.


if he goes, they weren’t kidding about changes here. It’s weird though before his injury he was damn good, so why get rid instead of adding to? We just got the guy I would have thought with Merts going to the youth system next season and holding still raw we keep him and add VVD if we were ever in for him not swap or get rid.

Unless of course, they wanna keep chambers because of being homegrown and also he isn’t too bad at CB, it’s just really nonsensical but then again so is Arsene and arsenal


This one I do find strange.

@Maverick79 are we really going to play 50 million quite for van Dijk? I don’t think so bruvv.


I don’t know what will happen (probably both stay) but the simple fact that players like Ox and Mustafi seem to be interested in leaving suggests that the team doesn’t believe in Wenger or his project.

Reupping Wenger for two more years will prove to be the worst decision this club ever made. Like hiring David Moyes at Manchester United level in terms of bad decisions, maybe even worse.


Mustafi sold on loan with option to buy for less than how Arsenal paid last year it’s a suicide. No words. :expressionless:


Christ! Di Marzio is quite reliable :sanchez2:


What the hell has happened to him? These rumours seem to have come from absolutely nowhere. Is it possible he has fallen out with someone at the club?


If that’s the case then maybe there is legit interest in VVD from us? Would make sense. Southampton can’t continually be lolpools bitch year after year, and VVD needs to leave now surely after that dumb statement.


Not really.

With Ox it’s a case of frustration at not getting his way with game time in his preferred position. He doesn’t want to make a career at WB that seems to be his only use at Arsenal after years of flat performance and inconsistency at CM, LW, RW.

Mustafi hasn’t really convinced last season and still looks suspect this season, doubt he’s come to the realisation that he doesn’t believe in Wenger anymore. Probably the opposite that his ability doesn’t match the fee and there’s no point holding on to him long term. Maybe there’s serious truth to the VVD rumours and Arsene is making wage and a starting place free. It would be ridiculous to bench mustafi considering his cost doubt mustafi himself want to sit on the bench all season


ah here…90 minutes played.


So why move to Chelsea then? You think they’ve promised him that he will playing at CM?