Shkodran Mustafi (20)


Even since, he’s been deployed as a winger on a number of occasions.


Agreed. I find those comments worrying more than @Cristo 's recent posts. Maybe Mustafi isn’t settling here or Wenger doesn’t rate him all of a sudden. Strange after spunking 30 odd mil on him.


I don’t think Lacazette was the answer either. However nothing about this club is exciting anymore. For that reason only I applauded this transfer.


Or they actually try to free up funds for missing the Champions League…


would be really strange to sell Mustafi after just one season, especially as he played pretty much all the time last season and we payed about 35 million for him


Sorry i can’t applaud wasting 50m on a mediocre striker just to appease the fans. If you applauded it, then their plan worked.


We’re not going to do anything competitively for as long as Wenger is here. I have accepted that fact. Watching for the 6th season in row to Giroud just gets boring knowing that. If I know we’re going to go nowhere I’d at least want to see some fresh faces to have a incentive to watch Arsenal.


With a loan move?


I thought those Italian club(s) wanted to buy


I guess in some warped twisted way that makes you feel better about watching then so be it. However it makes no business sense at all. If you aren’t going to invest properly don’t invest at all. Arsenal are in this purgatory. We cant and don’t have the balls/money to pursue Mbappe, or similar, and we don’t have the scouting smarts to buy a Dembele, or the next big up and coming prospect. So we buy Lacazette, how uninspiring. You are an NBA fan, Arsenal are the Atlanta Hawks of the PL. Stuck in 4th gear and doing nothing about it.


But why would I care about the business side? Knowing that Arsenal is going to accomplish nothing in the League what does it matter if transfers are a little uninspiring, at least it’s ‘fresh’. I also watch Arsenal for entertainment-purposes etc. These old players like Giroud don’t offer that (anymore). We know everything about them and what they can and can’t do. Why not want a reshuffle after watching the same team for the past ~4 years?

And that’s why I want to see another manager :wink:. Who hopefully can do something. There obviously isn’t any guarantee.


Exactly. The only realistic goal for Arsenal fans is that Arsenal become watchable again. That’s all I was realistically hoping for this window. Lacazette was a step forward on that front and doing fuck all since then has been a step back.


Was it an improvement? Hardly seen him touch the ball tbh. Ox has been exciting to watch though.




Lol you guys are so funny, Laca is crap. In a couple months when he’s benched and Theo is playing I’m gonna be loling my ass off in here. Gonna be funnnn, can’t wait :grin:


Lacazette has been called up for France, while your boy will sit on his sofa :wink:


Cool Laca will have a front row seat to watch Giroud play.


At least he has been called up, while Theo…:arteta: :gabriel:


See, you’ve pinpointed what makes Theo so special, people count him out but he just comes back stronger…like when everyone said he was done and then he came back and scored 19 goals and gave a big :fu: to all his detractors. He’s such a rare talent, he’s just not appreciated. I mean England don’t know what they are doing so I’m not surprised they didn’t call up one of their best strikers, kind of sums up what’s wrong with that organization.


Never claimed the signing has been a success. Just stated that I want to see this team renewed.