Shkodran Mustafi (20)


on if he expects to sell Mustafi before the end of the window…
It’s difficult for me to speak about any individual cases because we are now in the final seven days of the transfer market. It’s always very difficult to predict what will happen there. You have to make quick and sharp decisions, and you cannot plan that and come out in the press conference with how you will respond to any solicitation.


Wtf seems like there’s a chance he could leave…


If he sold him Arsenal are left with two youngsters and two older players of whom one should have been gone a long time ago and one is injury prone. He can’t be serious about selling him.


He is leaving, imo. We are just waiting for the right offer to come. Compare these words with those about Sanchez.


The fuck man


lol @ anyone buying anything Wenger says these days.

To say he’s full of it is being kind.


I’m just going to go ahead and assume it means absolutely nothing just like most of the other things Wenger says equally mean nothing.


Tbf it’s hard to tell if there’s anything to take from his comments. It’s not a straight up denial of the possibility though which is something new.

Personally I think there’s about a 0% chance of us selling anyone close to the first team now as the replacements are mostly going to be downgrades or squad level players at best.


I don’t recall him talking about a first team player like that before. Personally I found it very strange.


When Wenger comes out with a line like:
You have to make quick and sharp decisions,” you just know he is having a laugh.
It took him five seasons to sign a striker, so he is not a person to be believed when saying things like this.


17/18 Lacazette
16/17 Perez
15/16 -
14/15 Sanchez
13/14 -
12/13 Giroud, Podolski

Signed plenty of people to play striker over the years tbh. Oh and:

Come at me :giroud3:


The fact that he signed Lacazette eventually says enough about the success of that experiment.

Something he could have foreseen right away tbh.


I’m not going to bite.
Especially when you’ve gone to the trouble of dredging out an article that’s more than three years old :ozil2:


Just goes to show, he bought world class talent to play striker, and has been consistently buying strikers for years.


Yeah that’s why my reaction. Just seems odd even if I mostly agree with your view on its likelihood


50m for Lacazette this year is like spending 25m on Giroud 6 years ago oe whatever it was, still bargain buying at that position. Tbh Lacazette looks like he fits right in with the other names on that list. Mediocre to slightly above average at best.


Lacazette is relatively similar to Alexis in terms of his ability to play anywhere across the front three, there will be times we play all three strikers at once, and there’s every risk Alexis leaves next summer.

Signing Lacazette is just proactive, smart business.


Nah, Lacazette considering his age (26, whereas Lukaku and Morata 24) and his provenness (Morata done the business at the biggest club in the world and played for Jueve already at age 24), Lukaku PL experienced for whatever that’s worse it has a value on the market clearly), is a high fee that we paid for him, and for the same level of player. It took him a while but this was not bargain buying nor settling for a more speculative option (Giroud, Podolski, Lucas, Welbeck).

This isn’t really true. Lacazette only is useful as a 9. The same obviously can’t be said for Alexis.


But Wenger said…:thinking:


@AbouCuellar Lacazette started playing centrally in 13/14 didn’t he?