Shkodran Mustafi (20)


Beyond stupid.


It would be bonkers to sell him so soon. But then again, so far we seem to have lost the art of defending, so might as well lose the defenders too.


Then we can send some of us to defend :xhaka:


At 5ft 3in tall, I’d make an awesome CB :sunglasses:


That’s for sure. I can play as wingback though. Time to bin you avi :wink:


He is probably our best CB in terms of defending, passing and heading ability and doesn’t seem as injury prone as Kos, so I can’t believe we are going to sell him.

Unless we are going to get the money and outbid Man City for Jonny Evans.


I’m 5’9 so if you sit on my shoulder’s we’ll be formidable.


Never heard it called shoulders before


And probably about as fast as Per too :grin:


I was gonna make a “sit on my face-errimeanshoulderswheeeeeeeybantz” type post but then I realised that I respect and admire @Phoebica 's agency and independence as a woman who deserves to be recognised for her posting and sharp mind rather than simply be objectified on the basis of her gender and reproductive organs. It’s time we act not merely on our primitive male brain and look beyond the systemic harassment of women that permeates our vile society which is so predicated on patriarchal oppression and rape culture. I see no gender, I see only a person who deserves recognition for their excellent contribution to our forum.

(Don’t worry mate, I’m playing the long con :wink: )


if wenger sells him when we have a squad full or absolute dross that should go first i will see it as nothing more than sabotage.


Why are we all talking about him leaving? Have I missed something? (Genuine Q)


Is that a Jakey Boy copypasta?


No, @CunningLinguist copypast :wink:

As I was writing that I was imagining @JakeyBoy and @CunningLinguist sitting in a corner reading the post and furiously stroking themselves to climax at the idea of a middle-class heteronormative cisgendered white male full of self-loathing, white knighting to his heart’s content and pushing the rad-fem leftist narrative in the hopes of finally achieving female and matriarchal dominance in society


Haha. That is the best fake speech I think I’ve ever heard… :giroud3:


@Midfield_Maestro it’s working


Yeah it’s a weird one tbh, we aren’t selling him and he’s don’t nothing to warrant being shifted.


Arsene was asked about Mustafi leaving, and his reply was very ambiguous. It was the first time I had even heard about it too.

Considering how he speaks about keeping other players when asked, his reply about Mustafi was eyebrow raising.


Now this is what I was looking for, thanks. Link?


The press conference is on the main site.