Shkodran Mustafi (20)


Full name: Shkodran Mustafi

Date of birth: 17 April 1992
Place of birth: Bad Hersfeld, Germany
Height: 1.84 m
Playing position: Centreback



This and Perez, alls right with the world again…


Welcome to Arsenal, Shkodran. The mustafi signing of the Summer :wenger:





YEEEEEAH. Welcome to the Arsenal Shkod!


Willkommen, Mustafi! You glorious ginger bearded bastard! :slight_smile:


Excellent signing, the CB we’ve been waiting years for.

Him and Kos will be great together.



.#92CrewHasAnotherMember :wink:


Finally confirmed


He’s got so much grit, he should be eligible to play for England!


Nah, he’s got all that weak, fancy european talent. Not the true gritty english shitness.


Another ze german here! Welcome to Arsenal!


Odds on him picking up a knock on international duty are probably sky high now that he signed for Arsenal


Still waiting for @JakeyBoy to point out to @morrisc311 that Wenger just bought a non-English defender for 35m pounds.


[quote=“Calum, post:14, topic:585”]

.#92CrewHasAnotherMember :wink:
[/quote]So he’s going to turn out to be a right tosser then?.. :wenger:

He looks so similar to Per. Long lost brothers.


Hope he is solid and stays for a long time!


Bu t he is homegrown so doesn’t that count


Do you wan’t me to type in a bigger size font mysty? your eyes must be getting worse what with you being born in the 80’s :wink: