Serie A

I think this would be a start of long phase of mediocrity for Juve

We should probably poach juve to Bits in the summer. Di Maria as a nice back up.

I must insist you learn how to post gifs properly my good man! :grin:

You know it’s weird, I only get these formatting errors when I post from Tenor. Idk why.

You gotta open it as its own tab and get the full url


Dead league just like their economy?

Pogba? Think he’s the only player I’d want from there other than Chiesa.

Or right click on the gif (in chrome anyway) and choose ‘copy image address’


Things are weird at Milan. Two defeats in a row plus receiving heavily. No wins in 6 games in all competitions as well. :hushed:

Genuinely can’t fucking wait for the Napoli v Roma match, also fucking shitting myself because I can see Napoli absolutely thrashing the giallorossi.

Nice match so far. Didn’t expect Roma to be so competitive. Kvara, Osimhen and Lobotka are monsters.

Here’s the goal separating the two sides right now:




Roma starting the second half very well. Massive chance for El Shaarawywhi had pretty much a free header at almost an empty net and he decided to attempt heading to Abraham.

Fucking idiot.

Such a brilliant striker.


Roma all over Napoli.
They play so much better without that brat Zaniolo stinking the place.

This match is a banger. Reminds me of Arsenal v Man Utd last week.

1-1! SES!

Watching the last 20 minutes, entertaining game from both sides, Napoli’s build up is so fluid, 2-1 now.

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