Serie A Thread


Milan 0-0 at HT against Atalanta.


Because of Atalanta’s GD, a draw is no good for Fiorentina :sob:


So… Gigi should really have saved that lol


1-1 FT. Shitrumma at it again! :rofl:

1-0 Milan

1-1 Atalanta




Roma playing very well atm, but can’t find a way through.
Juventus are just happy with a draw so are not taking any risk.
0-0 at HT. Napoli draw as well.
Disallowed goal for Juventus!
Boring game in this second half
Napoli up. Superb goal from Milik!


Rugani is so good. No doubt even though he hasn’t played too much - maybe 20 games a season - he’s definitely learnt so much from playing with the likes of Barzagli and Chiellini. Hopefully next season he gets more opportunities.


2-0 Napoli. Albiol.

Missed Nainggolan’s red card so Roma are down to 10 men.
Juventus have officially won the league for the 7th time in a row.


Napoli might end up being runners up with 91 points. Crazy.


Their record of all time! Crazy!


When was the last time a team in England finished with 90+ points and didn’t win the title? I know it’s happened in Spain before


allegri can come here now because he has nothing more to achieve there now, all the talk of him staying to try and win the CL is bollocks, you are not gonna win the CL with half a team that wants you gone and with a star striker saying its you or him and they dont have the squad to win the CL.


Liverpool finished 2nd with 86 points in 2009, while Manure with 89 in 2012.


It hasn’t happened in the PL era. Man United got 89 points in that “Aguerrrrroooo” season.


Yeah beat me to it, City and United both 89 points in 11/12 season.


Yeah exactly he’s more likely to win the CL with us than he is with Higuain as a main striker in a final.

Exaggerating there, but not as much as it should be.
Didn’t Dybala also say he’s off to Bayern if Allegri stays.

Just fucking get this guy ffs board.

Edit: lol the dream is dead. See you guys soon for the :arteta: era. Already got the perfect smiley for it.


Alessandro Nesta appointed as Perugia manager :open_mouth:


Yeah, big surprise. Perugia had already qualified to the playoffs in Serie B, but they haven’t done well in the last games.



Without checking, I would bet a fairly decent amount that it has never happened. Especially when you consider that three points for a win wasn’t always a thing, that almost certainly rules out all of English football history pre 1981