Serie A Thread


Anyone wanna buy a young fresh new donnarumma? €5 and some milano ham

All three goals could’ve been stopped. Should’ve sold him when we had a chance. Need a winger, a really solid Cm and a proper out and out striker like belotti for next season or we’ll struggle.


Milan hit the post.




This scoreline flatters juve but fuck me what a depressing match


LOLLLL! @Electrifying, your boy! :mkhi:


Hopefully this is enough to convince the Milan board that Gattuso is not good enough to take the club forward.


4-0 Juventus FT! :rofl:


best finish he has done all year lol

ffs wish i wasn’t busy i wanted to watch this. Maybe better I didn’t looking back.

Milan fucked up giving Gattuso that 3 year deal. Fassone and Mirabelli, mugs

Also, I feel like Donnarumma, while very good, does not justify the massive hype and they maybe should have cashed in. His last standout performance was the Napoli game


Losing 5-1 to us on aggregate should have done that already :smile:


Imagine Iwobi instead of Cuadrado and we’re all set :sunglasses:


Iwobi would need it, tbh.


You know what is gonna happen now Gazidis sees this in horror ‘we cant have a manager hitting our players’ then goes all out for Arteta.


Inter overtake Lazio for 24 hours if they beat Sassuolo today.
Of Course, Inter losing :facepalm:
2-1 Sassuolo FT. Inter gonna Inter.

1-0 Sassuolo

2-0 Sassuolo

2-1 Inter

There was also Benevento-Genoa. 1-0 FT for Benevento.


Good, I’d rather Lazio in CL, clearly a superior team to Inter.


Yeah, Inter have been lucky Icardi have kept them in it so far.


It’s all about Europa League qualification now :sunglasses:

I still have high hopes for Fiorentina. It’s complicated though because the 3 teams vying for that last spot are playing each other over the last couple of games


Roma-Juventus for the title today.
Lazio, Bologna, Spal and Udinese up.

1-0 Lazio

1-0 Bologna

1-0 Udinese

1-0 Spal

Crotone equalize

Cagliari up now

Bologna, Cagliari, Spal and Udinese up at HT, while Lazio draw.

1-1 Chievo. Golazo!

2-1 Chievo now

Torino equalize

Crotone lead.

Lazio 2-2!

Torino win it in the end.

Chievo, Torino, Cagliari and Udinese win, while Lazio draw. Big wins for Udinese, Chievo and Cagliari.





Did a favour to Cagliari, tbh :wink:


That’s not a good thing. I want Spal to stay up!