Serie A Thread


Good lad. His dad is not going to celebrate this week though :kos2:


And to think their supporters hate Juventus with all their heart :rofl:


Lazio 0-0 at HT against Torino.


The Chinese investors couldn’t fix the mess left behind at AC Milan and Internazionale. They need some Arab money,


Lazio beat Torino to go 4th.



Lol! Same old Juventus! Always cheating!


Milan 2-0 up at HT against Verona.

1-0 Milan

2-0 Milan

4-1 FT. Milan are back in the 6th place for a night, while Verona get relegated.

3-0 Milan

3-1 Verona

4-1 Milan


Juventus have started strongly against Bologna. Marchisio dictating the game very well.
Penalty to Bologna! Wow! :cech: 1-0! More twists in the title race!

Bologna up at HT. Hope they keep it up. It would be amazing :smile:
LOL! Great own goal from Bologna :rofl:

Bologna hit the post! Guess Juventus are just focused on the Coppa Italia final atm.

Yawn. 2-1 Juventus. Predictable. Another terrible mistake at the back for Bologna.

3-1 Dybala and game over. Bologna’s defence still fucking shit :rofl:

3-1 Juventus FT. The title is coming.


Udinese - Inter, Chievo - Crotone, Genoa - Fiorentina, Lazio - Atalanta, Napoli - Torino, Spal - Benevento, Sassuolo - Sampdoria and Cagliari - Roma today.

You see there are some big games both at the top and at the bottom of the table.


Sure :slight_smile:


Inter already up. Udinese are pretty fucked.

Inter close to the 2-0. Off the line!
Handanovic confirms to be a top goalie. Great save on Lasagna.
2-0 Rafinha! Nice goal.

3-0! Udinese are fucked!

3-0 Inter HT. Game already over.
Udinese down to 10 men. It’s getting worse and worse for them.
4-0 Inter. Poor Udinese, such a collapse for them in the last 3 months!

4-0 Inter FT. They are just 1 point behind Roma and Lazio now.


Serie A still very much alive with 2 games to go, while other leagues over by the end of April.

Amazing, been the best league in europe this season

Want Inter in the CL next season, they got an interesting team and will do more for the league’s representation in Europe than Lazio imo


Atalanta up against Lazio.

Massive lead for Chievo against Crotone. They are out from the bottom 3 atm.

1-0 Chievo

Lazio equalize, Napoli, Spal and Fiorentina up.

1-1 Lazio

1-0 Napoli

1-0 Spal

1-0 Fiorentina


Lol at the Torino defence


1-1 Torino!

Genoa leading now! Fiorentina almost out from the Europa League if they lose it!

1-1 Genoa

2-1 Genoa

Lazio-Atalanta is a great game to watch. End-to-end stuff! Milik hits the post now! Meanwhile, Genoa down to 10 men, as Pandev sees red.
HAMSIK! Napoli up again!

2-2 Fiorentina!

Fiorentina leading! What a crazy game!

Atalanta are a joy to watch. Playing Lazio off the park atm.
Penalty to Spal! 2-0!

2-2 Torino! :cech:

Fucking hell! Another chance for Atalanta!
2-0 Chievo!
LOLLLLLLL! Atalanta should be at least 4-1 up!
Can’t believe Atalanta are not winning this! :smile:
Fiorentina win so they stay in the race for the Europa League, while Atalanta don’t win a game they dominated in the second half. The title race is basically over, as Napoli draw 2-2. They are 6 points below Juventus, with just 2 games to go and a worse GD. Chievo are out from the relegation zone after beatin Crotone.


What happened to Bellotti? Is he not hot property anymore?


Too many injuries this season.


looool Sarri. Lol Napoli


Sassuolo beat Sampdoria to stay up.