Serie A Thread


Lol OTT much? You say this every other week and then Napoli pull it back again :laughing:

Still lots of points to play for.


Well, what can i say? I just knew Juventus wouldn’t have lost today. It’s basically impossible to image them not winning the league. Fucking Inter bottlers.


So is Allegri now no longer the bottler he was 10 minutes ago?


Just lucky, tbh. Inter shouldn’t have taken Icardi off.


@Luca_from_Italy Yeah, in hindsight taking Icardi off and going 5-4-0 was a big mistake.

Not sure about tomorrow. As much as I want Napoli to win the league, I support Fiorentina so don’t like to see them lose – especially as they can still qualify for Europe. I think Viola will take it a lot more seriously than neutrals are hoping for. Though their form has been shaky since that run of 6 wins in a row so Napoli should still manage the win.

Win win for me I guess :grin:


Your Fiorentina should just get out of the way. Can’t stand another title for the fucking cocksucking cheaters.


Referee didn’t see this you know



Which one is the ref?


Ha. It’s not my picture, took it from Twitter. My paint skills aren’t quite that good :grin:


Massive pressure on Napoli today.
Crotone leading Sassuolo 3-1 at HT.

1-0 Crotone

2-0 Crotone

3-0 Crotone

3-1 Sassuolo

4-1 Crotone FT.

4-1 Crotone


Milan, Sampdoria and Atalanta win so they still fight for the 6th and the 7th spot, the last one for the Europa League. Udinese are in big troubles, instead. 3-3 against Benevento so Chievo are just 3 points behind now.


1-0 Milan

2-0 Milan

2-1 Bologna


1-0 Atalanta

2-0 Atalanta

3-0 Atalanta

3-1 Genoa


1-0 Sampdoria

2-0 Sampdoria

3-0 Sampdoria

3-1 Cagliari

4-1 Sampdoria


1-0 Udinese

1-1 Benevento

2-1 Benevento

2-2 Udinese

3-2 Udinese

3-3 Benevento


Koulibaly – hero to villain in a week.

Weird one. If the fail was inside the box it would have been a penalty and a yellow, which is what the ref originally gave. But they went to VAR which determined the incident was outside the box = straight red.


Lol! How to lose a title in just 24 hours!


Fiorentina up at HT.



2-0 :grimacing:


Title race over?


For sure.

2-0 Simeone


Napoli FFS man martin3


Simeone hat-trick.

He’s going to be the only Simeone celebrating this week :henry2:


Fiorentina helping Juventus to another title? :grimacing: