Serie A Thread




hilarious from divebala


Oh Maurito! Should have scored here.


How do Slovenia have two better keepers than Arsenal.


Those crazy bastards, they actually did it and came back. Hold on you cunts


Inter have run out of fuel now. Juventus pushing as hard as they can.


10 or so mins of full on assault now.

lets see if inter withstand

@Luca_from_Italy i’m on Enrique train bro. (But also allegri cos this team is shit and he’d be better with our attackers and also improve us defensively.)


So do you still want Allegri? Bottled it again today.
Fuck! But it was coming.


cuadrado what a goal

Handanovic kinda fucked up though


Ah fuck off

94th minute Juve winner incoming




Luca meltdown incoming! :sunglasses:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: fucking knew they were scoring that. Incredible


in true Inter fashion. looool

Still, Inter will be aggrieved at the lack of cards for Juve

Allegri fucks off… lol he was raging at Dybala and then gets sent off by the ref i think haha


Lol I’m done with football


In 5 years time the ref will admit to being bought for this one :speak_no_evil:


I was a few minutes too early in my prediction. I obviously gave Inter too much credit.

Dybala gonna Dybala though :sunglasses:


Fatty comes up with the good when it matters. No reason to think he couldn’t have been close to 150 goals for us if we’d just signed him back then. And blah blah didn’t make an offer, there was clear interest and we should have just pulled the fucking trigger.


Haha spoke too soon Luca my boy!

Fucking bottling bastards Inter


They have just won the league today. Such a blow to Napoli.