Serie A Thread


This game lacks so much quality.
FFS Icardi! He is having a mare today!
0-0 FT. Milan are all but out from the Champions League.

The other results:

Torino-Crotone 4-1. Belotti’s hattrick.

4-0 Torino

4-1 Crotone

Chievo-Sassuolo 1-1. Sassuolo draw being 2 men down!

1-0 Chievo

1-1 Sassuolo


Like a serie c2 game :joy:


All i’m seeing is someone who isn’t using the dark interface on their phone

Step it up, man :laughing:


What do you mean sorry?


Inter levels above Milan and very unlucky not to be 3-0 up. But they’ll take the draw, and will probably do better in the CL than Milan were going to anyways (this Milan would only have embarrassed the club in the CL tbh.)


Icardi banged Wanda too much yesterday’s night lol! He was completely useless today.


Messi’s clan lol! @Electrifying


Benevento-Juventus, Roma-Fiorentina, Spal-Atalanta and The Derby della Lanterna today. Guess Juventus are gonna win easily :roll_eyes:
Juventus 2-1 up at HT.

1-0 Juventus

1-1 Benevento

2-1 Juventus


Where are the goals Luca? Dybala scored a great goal against the mighty Benevento :sunglasses:




This has a late juve winner written all over it


Hat-trick hero

(Stat padding with two penalties :grin: )


4-2 FT for Juventus. 7 points above Napoli now who play tomorrow.

2-2 Benevento

3-2 Juventus

4-2 Juventus. Golazo!


Lovely little goal by Simeone. Showed a lot of determination to score that.

Fiorentina have won every game since Astori died. That’s my team :relaxed: though I don’t like them playing in blue!


Roma losing 2-0 at HT against Fiorentina. They are only focused on the Champions League, but they are making a mistake, as they will never comeback.

1-0 Fiorentina

2-0 Fiorentina


I hate being correct




Fiorentina with the 6th win in a row. Atalanta draw, instead.



Sampdoria-Genoa 0-0 at HT.
Not many chances in this derby.
0-0 FT. Very boring game.