Serie A Thread


Hakan has the quality but he’s so inconsistent and zero drive whatsoever. Suso is riding off a few class goals here and there and yeah monto lost it years ago. Giac never returned to form after injuries.


Donnarumma been all over the place since Welbeck and Xhaka ruined him :arteta:


Lol! Just saw it. WTF man!?


Milan playing a bit better, Suso and Cutrone finding space.

End to end almost now


Inter just look like a team of Brazilian drug dealers, unwanted Italians and Eastern European mobsters, but like the “hard men” that are weak and get picked off about half an hour into the film.


Icardi you fucker! :arteta: That was Welbeck’s esque!



Miranda deffo fits that bill :arteta:


Ahaha him and perisic inspired my comment


Icardi is a pimp, tbh.
Inter having some great chances on counter now.


Amazing save donnaaaaa


you say that but Bonaventura looks like one of the henchmen in Gomorra

also inter fuck it after calabria fucked it


Blame raiola he infects everyone

Our passing is horrible. Cutrone through and giac goes wide to nobody


Mino is a crook, a Gomorra guy.


oh cutrone almost does a cristiano but disallowed!!!

Fucking Kalinic, see you later guys ffs. Congrats Inter


Agreed Game over. This is like when we sent on brocchi years ago when we’d stopped caring about the outcome.


Wow Cutrone! Unlucky here!


#GattusoOUT #ConteIN just for this Kalinic nonsense


My scottish bro is raging.
Inter deserve the lead now.


Here’s borini to score a hat trick, legend