Serie A Thread


van Basten was still great in that period. I would have chosen him over Del Piero.


Looks more like a team from the 2000s.

Buffon was at Parma in the 1990s.

Need to watch Golazzo though

Heres a link:


Baresi van basten totti, even costacurta was better than young nesta as much as I love sandro


Yeah I feel like that team is better for the 00s.

I’d personally have Toldo or even Peruzzi ahead of Buffon.

And I’d definitely pick Baresi over a young Nesta.


Today and tomorrow there are the games that were postponed after Astori’s death, including Milan-Inter.
Sampdoria and Fiorentina up, while Genoa draw at HT.

1-0 Fiorentina

1-0 Sampdoria

Fiorentina, Sampdoria and Genoa all win.

1-1 Atalanta

2-1 Sampdoria

2-0 Fiorentina

1-0 Genoa

1-1 Cagliari

2-1 Genoa


Inter have started really well. Milan’s defence is struggling.
Only Inter on the field atm.
Meanwhile, Benevento thrash Verona 3-0.

1-0 Benevento

2-0 Benevento

3-0 Benevento

What a save from Handanovic! Always a reliable keeper to have.


Dull game so far, the arsenal defeats really deflated us it seems.


Yeah, very crap game atm. You still had the best chance of the game though.


Hakan holding on to the ball too long as always, like a shit Alexis.


So many mistakes FFS!
VAR just disallowed Icardi’s goal.


ffs Icardi

CL dream is over for Milan. Awful defending.

Looool offside. Just.

God that was such a long wait, like 5 hours how can I cope, VAR sucks, i’d rather refs fuck my team with wrong decisions!!!


Stupid bonucci




Yea? I’m behind!




Correct decision, It was just offside, imo.

Torino 3-0 up against Crotone.

1-0 Torino

2-0 Torino

3-0 Torino


Agreed yeah. But they should win anyway, we are poor.


man Rodriguez turning out to be a Xhaka level flop, I had such high hopes when he signed.

This beIN comm’s over pronounciation :arteta:


Yeah don’t know what’s up with him but he’s just not good enough. Kessie hasn’t been amazing either, very clumsy. Need two high quality players in midfield and attack, hakan is sub level at best

As for the comms I’m watching bt sport, is it comical?


Think Hakan probably has the most talent out of your mf options though. Rodriguez Bonaventura, Montolivo and Suso aren’t good enough any more imo.

Need to be upgraded on especially. I dunno what is up with the ownership issue either though.

On the other hand, Icardi… is he top 5 striker in the world at the moment I wonder???