Serie A Thread


well there it is. Rodriguez again :facepalm:


Yeah Rodriguez lost his marker for that second goal.

Good substitutions by Allegri though, they changed the game somewhat. Costa and Cuadrado have both made a difference.

And FFS 3-1 now.


Happy Juventini… disgusting


Are you Luca in disguise? You watching this one or Barcelona? Lol


Harsh on Milan FFS!


Coglioni di merda.


Both m8. I’m assisting Luca on OA duty tonight as I sometimes feel like doing.

If Milan make the CL they need an attacking clear out.

Kalinic is dogshit. Bonaventura, Suso, and even Silva in this state are not good enough.

They badly need some good wingers and midfielders that can pass the ball lol


Sorry for being pedantic but they beat Real Madrid in the Semi Finals.
Costly dropped points for Napoli today, they will likely need to win in Turin to have any chance of winning the League.


Ah my memory failing me… must be old age :grin:

But yeah, my point was mainly about them being able to beat teams over two legs. Hopefully that trend continues


but right now Real Madrid are the only team I see being able to beat Man City.

Imagine Man City get a CL before us. I guess it would be deserved tbh :santi:

but still.

Fuck Wenger


We can win the mighty Europa League :ozil2:


Well Chelsea already did it. That hurt… even if it did bring us Gary Neville’s orgasm live on air. So yeah, not sure Man City can do much more damage.


would add to the disrespect tbh


Don’t worry, Messi will mess them up anyway



I’d say the likelihood of them getting a CL before us is around the 99% mark :expressionless:


Didn’t see it. Was it a banner?


No, they were just booing him. It wasn’t a warm reception


Expected after what happened in the Champions League final. Did you know he told Allegri to take Barzagli off? :rofl:


What a team. Although there are some big names missing from it…