Serie A Thread


Icardi strikes immediately! What a striker he is when he is in form!

Fiorentina up as well. Simeone.


Needs to start the WC ahead of the fat bottler.


That bald cunt doesn’t agree with you :xhaka:


Perisic! The deadly duo is back!

Lazio up. Immobile. Cool as you like.

Lol! Benevento equalize immediately!

Penalty to Genoa after they called VAR. Thought the keeper fouled Lapadula, instead it was Vicari. Lapadula doesn’t miss it this time.

HT. Inter look on their way up again after 2 difficult months. Can see them finishing in the Champions League for sure, even 3rd.


Benevento up against Lazio! Think Lazio are giving up on the league to focus on the Europa League. 3-0 Inter as well.

2-1 Benevento

3-0 Inter

Lazio equalize.

Fiorentina 2-0 now. Good goal from Chiesa.

That’s the reason why Benevento are bottom of the league. Lazio lead 4-2 now.

3-2 Lazio

4-2 Lazio

1-0 Torino against Cagliari.

Good goal from Spal to equalize against Genoa.

5-2 Lazio. Amazing finish.

6-2 Lazio lol! Poor Benevento!

1-0 Atalanta


Napoli losing. And they think they can win the title? :roll_eyes:


FFS this fixture should be a banker. Hope they can pull it back.

As much as I want Dybala with medals round his neck… I am an advocate for breaking the Juve cycle :grin:


Napoli losing at HT, while Sampdoria win.

1-0 Sampdoria

I knew they would have shitted themselves in the pants. 1-1 FT and 2 big points dropped. Sampdoria lose, instead. 3rd defeat in a row for them.

1-1 Napoli

2-1 Chievo


Great start in Juventus-Milan. A couple of dangerous situations for Milan and a great save from Donnarumma on Higuain.
Dybalaaaaaaaa! C’mon Sampaoli, don’t call him up, you fucking bald dwarf!


Dybala is just so cute.

I’m convinced Sampaoli is just jealous. But hey, if Dybala isn’t picked, he is more than welcome to come and watch the World Cup with me :sunglasses:


You are so boring! You told you had a crush on Butland :xhaka:


I can have a crush on more than one footballer. Giroud. Butland. Dybala. Marchisio. Hummels. Bellerin circa 2015.



André Silva bottled it! Should have scored from there. That cross from Calhanoglu was just perfect.


Girls :facepalm:


Bonucci… I said he’d get the winner. Close enough. Good header.


Bonucci ahahahahahha! It was written in the stars :rofl:. Think it is deserved for what Milan have done so far.


remember when this fixture was a CL final?! :cech:

  1. Remember Carlo’s run to celebrate the win at Old Trafford.


1-1 HT. Milan have been spot on mentally. They haven’t been afraid of Juventus.


Romagnoli :giroud2:

Calhanoglou :ozil:

Bonaventura :sanchez2:

Rodriguez :bellerin: