Serie A Thread


Yeah he’s been crap


Inter pose 0 threat atm


Inter defending well atm.


That was Inter’s first shot of the game I think.


Nasty foul here on Mertens.


Yeah I feel like it was bordering on red card.


This game :neutral_face:. So boring. Inter really lack quality all over the pitch.
Inter hit the post!
Inter are more attacking in this second half.
Insigne so close with a great chip now. The game has become lively now.
Napoli have just 15 minutes to save the season.
0-0 FT. Title over. Try again next season Napoli.


Neapolitans :facepalm:


Cazzo merda Juventus at it again! :xhaka: So boring!


That feels season defining, Inter offered little going forward but defended well for the most part.


Ahh ffs Napoli. Gotta be so special to beat this Juve team over a full season.


Unlikely Napoli are able to keep this squad together too, this is probably their only shot.


il sono arrabiato, cazzo jubentus ancora.

Napoli parred off every other competition they had to go for the league and they still fuck it.


Lol @ Napoli. You fucked it lads.

Bet you wish you didn’t pie off the Europa League now eh?


In a typical Arsenal fashion :mustafi:

That was their best chance ever, imo. They will never have one like this again.


Serie A is a joke, as much as it’s been entertaining if Napoli can’t win it after the season they’ve had then it reflects very poorly on the league.


Calciopoli and the ballooning of TV rights really has fucked the league. Nobody wants to pay big money to televise fixed matches I guess.

Or one team leagues since Calciopoli as Inter and Juventus had long eras of domination over the league.

It’s a shame, as before calciopoli, Juventus, Milan, Lazio and Roma all won the title, with Inter and Parma challenging at times too. Serie a seemed like a completely stacked league, where winning that was harder than the CL or something.



Don’t think they’d be to fussed, they simply had to give winning Serie A everything they had. Feel kind of sorry for them as they will break the 90 point barrier, it’s just Juve is too strong.


Yeah, Napoli are as strong as ever, so they will never have a better chance to win the title.


Strange to think a league with so many “big” clubs is so often so one sided. But I guess United have the power to respond to whatever City does, Madrid have the power to respond to whatever Barca does, and Italian clubs don’t really have the power to do anything. They’re at a real risk of Bayernification.