Serie A Thread



Sono no parle Italiano cazzo merda

I assume the tweet says fiorentina renewed Astori’s contract which they were in negotiations with him about, and are planning on giving his wages to his wife and kid.

:santi: such a sad story. RIP Astori


A) It’s “Io non parlo italiano cazzo di merda”
B) It’s in Portuguese


Lol, shows how much I learnt in standard grade Italian.


Yeah, that’s the right translation.

You need some italian lessons, you bella zio! :wink:


Astori’s funeral. Just a few fans there…


Heartbreaking. Still can’t believe it really happened.


Lovely support. Ciao Capitano!


Roma play Torino today due to the Champions League.
0-0 at HT.
3-0 FT for Roma. Still 3rd.

1-0 Roma

2-0 Roma

3-0 Roma


The Derby della Scala between Verona and Chievo is 0-0 at HT.
1-0 Verona FT. Big win for them in the relegation battle.



Roma has no shirt sponsor?

Just checked

Gosh that’s gorgeous.
Shame it’s bright yellow in there.


Inter-Napoli today. Massive pressure on Sarri’s side.
Fiorentina up at HT against Benevento.

1-0 Fiorentina FT.


Great free kick from Dybala to put Juventus up against Udinese.

Lazio down against Cagliari, instead.


I fall more in love with Dybala every single day :heart_eyes:


Higuain missed another penalty :rofl:. Lazio equalize though.

Sassuolo-Spal 1-1 as well.

1-0 Spal

1-1 Sassuolo

Crotone thrashing Sampdoria, instead.

1-0 Crotone

3-0 Crotone



Dybala again. 2-0.

Sampdoria pull one back and Cagliari got a penalty thanks to the VAR.

3-1 Sampdoria

2-1 Cagliari

Atalanta up and comical goal from Crotone :rofl:

1-0 Atalanta

4-1 Crotone

WHAT A GOAL FROM IMMOBILE! Like Ibra against Italy in 2004.

Juventus are back to the top, while Lazio draw.


Bloody hell. Cracking goal!


André Silva with his first goal in Serie A. Milan lucky as fuck.


First goal in Serie A?! He’s a striker wtf.

Didnt they sign him for about 30m?