Serie A Thread


Yes. Terrible news


Jesus. He was only 31. Has a 2 year old kid too.

Shocking news.


Fuck, that’s horrible.


Oh wow, thats absolutely tragic. RIP.


Other matches being called off by the looks of things. Such sad news.


That is fucking terrible news. RIP


It would be good grace if they called off the remaining fixtures for this weekend.


Rip astori


Fucking hell! Terrible!


Wtf man, so young



One of his most famous goals (that wasn’t legit in the end):


Milan’s Facebook post about the news is full of Arabic and southeast Asian people complaining that the derby is being cancelled. Fucks sake there are things way more important than football. Horrible news, I feel so bad for his family, two year old daughter and two week old baby… Wearing my Italy shirt to work today under my work shirt


Any confirmation of cause?

I feel so sorry for his family atm and no age to die as well.


Absolutely devastated about this. I’m a huge fan of Astori and his personal character. He seemed a lovely guy too.



That’s disgusting but just not surprising sadly. Selfish nature of human behaviour.


Lovely message from Buffon :crying_cat_face:


Fuck that’s terrible. Awful!


Absolutely terrible.


This is probably the most heartbreaking message to Astori. From his team mate, Saponara :cry: