Serie A Thread


Alisson has been fantastic tonight.

Roma have proper replaced Wojciech.


Game over now, 4-1!


Jesus. This is turning into a proper hammering! At home!


LOL!!! Napoli have collapsed. 4-1 Perroti.


It reminds me of some North London team :thinking:


think all the players knew title is over now.

Playing like Atletico in the 2014 CL final


Cazzo merda Juventus del cazzo! They did it again!


Still plenty to play for but that Dybala goal did feel like a momentum shift


I know it’s hard to do when you’re an Arsenal fan, but don’t be so defeatist :grin:

There are still plenty of points to play for – plus, Juve and Napoli still have to play each other


Wonder if they regret chucking away the Europa League now :speak_no_evil: Not a great deal of sympathy I have to say


I still believe in Napoli, this needs to be a wake up call for them, going into that Juve game it’s all on the line.

If Juve win it again football in Italy is truly fucked.


I mean they won 10 in a row - it had to end eventually. They’re still top of the table and the onus is on Juve to win the game in hand.

Not even close to being over.


Good goal from Mertens. 2-4 FT.

It was impossible for Napoli to keep pace for Juventus. They did well to stay in the title race until now.


dunno, getting flashbacks of Gallas sitting down against Birmingham or something.

Fuck this, man.

only joy i’m getting out of football is from this guy

Look at this beautiful crazy man. Just won the world cup? Celebrate by slapping the shit out your coach.

Napoli could have done with him, dispatched Roma 2-0 away.
Can’t wait for the Milan derby tomorrow.


Annoying night of results in the Serie A.


Milan will rip Inter apart today.


No they won’t lol


Have they dropped the pretence and just made it a swastika?


They are still gonna win, imo. They are such in a good form.


Bloody hell :open_mouth: is this true?