Serie A Thread


ffs how Every. Fucking. Time.

Great stuff from Dybala :clap:


Fuck off


Oh man what a goal!! Dybala is definitely back!


No one will be saying “fuck off” if Dybala scores the winner on Wednesday! He’ll go into the game next week on a high now. Works for me :sunglasses:


DIRTY SON OF A BITCH! FUCKING HELL! Great goal! Lazio didn’t absolutely deserve to win it.


I guess you are happy, Colchester girl :xhaka:


Who gives a fuck now!!! Juventus are the evil empire in Serie A :wink:


Fair play, no idea how he managed to get that shot off there. Just Dybala things tbh.

But with the way football is going right now, he is 100% bottling it against Spurs.


Incredybala… :grin:


Juventus need more than that to win against Spurs. They were rather poor today.


1-0 Napoli.

Take a breath.

1-1 Roma.


What a start! Insigne puts Napoli up, then Under equalizes on the restart.

1-0 Napoli

1-1 Roma

Beautiful move from Napoli, but fuck me, Allison shows all his class with a superb save.
2-1 Roma! Dzeko with a fucking beautiful header, one of his best skills.




Always rated him. Very good striker.


Oh Mertens! Just wide! Great game.
Roma are playing a great game. Defend well and hit Napoli on counter.
2-1 Roma at HT.


fucks sake.

Jubentus heading to another Serie A. Fuck this.


No food abuse anymore :sanchez2:


Mertens trying to square up to Fazio :joy:


Insigne just inch away from equalizing.
Game and title over. 3-1 Dzeko.


What a finish that was