Serie A Thread


C’mon Lazio! Don’t want fucking Milan in the final.


I genuinely think I could have saved at least one of those penalties!

Don’t want to take anything away from the goalkeepers, but some of those penalties were pretty shit.


Lazio goalie is shit, worse than Cech.
This penalty :facepalm:
Fucking hell! It’s like Stoke reaching the final. Milan are just shit when it comes to play football.


The Lazio fan won it for Milan

Had to be


Guys, we are out. No chance to beat Milan’s defence and luck. Congratulations to @Gio for beating us :wink:


Got to admit, Italian buses are entertaining.

Alessio was lit. Bonucci was pretty lit too.

Apt that Bonucci and Romagnoli got them the win, as they kept them in it.


Moaninho would have been proud of this performance.


yeah lol. But I dunno, I dont mind when Italian teams park the bus.

Maybe from growing up with the finest quality Italian buses of Maldini-Nesta-Stam-Costacurta, or Cannavaro-Thuram etc I guess it doesn’t piss me off as much.


The problem for me is that i have never liked Milan lol! They will always be Berlusconi team :mustafi:


Montero as well in that early 2000s juve defense deserves some credit. Even older billy and kaladze were solid units for milan. Best defensive team of all time no contest, over such a long period as well from sacchi’s time to 2005


First time since December 2003 Milan have kept 6 clean sheets in a row (WhoScored)


kaladze was underated and awesome. same with oddo, who had his moments.
Bonucci and Romagnoli putting in one of those vintages again tonight. Bonucci got his form back now, got the juventini slapped out of him by gattuso by the looks of things.

Luca berlu is a cunt tbf youre not wrong about that


Yeah, per Lucas point, I don’t know what an English premier league equivalent would be, because berlu is hated in Italy more than any owner of an English team is here. Maybe like thatcher being loaded and taking over Newcastle United back in the 80s…


@Gio and to think you had no faith in big Gennaro :mustafi:


Roma and Bonucci… the potential in that pairing right there.

Love the defensive solidity Gennaro has introduced.


If you saw him with sion… I think we have a kinda talented set of players but montella couldn’t fire them up, even if tactically he was potentially superior.

I expect the bubble will burst soon but I hope I am wrong.


Time to put an end to that



I still find it odd that when we drew Milan there were people on here and Twitter etc who thought it was a fine draw and that we have enough to beat them.

Anyone who has watched us and them lately should be able to differentiate between a team on the up and a team on a downward spiral.

Gattuso and Milan seem to be the perfect fit. He has them playing as a team again. They have a good balance and the players understand each other.

Their position in the league is based on their form earlier in the season. They’re building momentum now, are on a decent unbeaten run and have just reached the Coppa Italia final. Confidence is high. Unless we bring our A-game we are not beating them.


They’re all kicking off at different times too, might have to have a little Serie A sesh this weekend.

Edit - oh shit, Atalanta & Sampdoria are playing each other too.


Also got M.City-Chelsea and Barça-Atletico. Fuck, I’m not getting anything done this weekend