Serie A Thread


Great, then! Wenger should be all over him.



Sven has to get him


2-0 Lazio FT against Verona. They are 4th now.

1-0 Lazio

2-0 Lazio



Inter beat Benevento thanks to their 2 CBs. They are really on the ropes.

1-0 Inter


Juventus-Atalanta and Roma-Milan today. Two great games!
Meanwhile, big win for Spal against Crotone in the relegation zone.

1-0 Spal

2-1 Spal

3-1 Spal

2-3 Crotone


Fiorentina and Lazio already up.

1-0 Fiorentina

1-0 Lazio.This guy is a real gem.

Verona up as well.

2-0 Lazio with a penalty. Immobile being lucky here.

Sampdoria take the lead against Udinese.


Yeah. Really hope Man United don’t get him. They seem to be leading the charge for him.

Hopefully Milinković-Savić decides he doesn’t want his soul destroyed and goes somewhere else instead.


Milinkovic-Savic again. 3-0.

1-1 Torino

Verona up again.

Sampdoria kill the game off. 2-0.

Consolation goal for Udinese right at the end.

Juventus-Atalanta called off due to heavy snow.


Heavy snow? What you talking about?! They could play in this




Milan has been rather poor against Roma so far. Donnarumma keeping them in the game.
Milan are a bit embarassing today. Roma should be ahead.
0-0 HT.
Fuck me! Cutrone did it again! 1-0 to Milan.


Almost 2-0. Roma are a bit like us: when the things don’t go their way they collapse.
Here we go. 2-0 Calabria. Great chip.

2-0 Milan FT. Gattuso’s great run of form continues.


But but but some people on here (and elsewhere) say they’re crap now and that we have enough to beat them… Yeah I’m still not convinced that we’ll be doing that. Even less so after that shitshow of a performance we witnessed today


I have changed my tune after today. Gonna lose badly. Season over.


Milan winning in Rome, yeah they will be taking us out over 2 legs :grimacing:


Napoli with the chance to extend their lead at the top against Cagliari today.
What a chance for Mertens inside the box!
Cagliari respond with a double chance. First Reina has to come out of his box to stop a dangerous Cagliari attack, then Cagliari have a shot just off the bar. Nice game!
Napoli struggling a bit against a very good Cagliari side.
Callejon! 1-0 Napoli! Well-played goal.

Cagliari absolutely don’t deserve to be 1-0 down, as they are taking the game to Napoli.
2-0 Napoli. 3 shots on target, 2 goals for them today.

2-0 Napoli at HT. They took their chances, while Cagliari didn’t.
Napoli are controlling the game in the second half. Cagliari have suffered from going 2 goals down with just 3 shots on target.
Hamsik with a beautiful goal after a nice pass from Insigne. 3-0.

4-0 Insigne’s penalty. Clear handball.


That third goal. Proper team goal. Napoli-Ball :heart_eyes:


We have Wenger ball, instead :grimacing:


we used to play like that remember those days :santi: