Serie A Thread


Torino have about as much luck in this as Espanyol do in theirs!


Maybe they will. I sometimes find Allegri’s team selections weird. Why does he hate Marchisio? He should 100 per cent be playing.


Higuain looks badly injured. Still play on though.
Torino completely waste a great counter!


Two against one and they make a complete hash of it :facepalm:


Higuain off injured. Bernardeschi on.
Torino playing like Stoke: trying to injury the opponent.
Douglas Costa showing all his quality here with this run.


Is Costa up front? Looks like Juventus are playing a 5-5-0 formation!


They have no striker on the field :hipster:


1-0 Alex Sandro. Looked foul on the build-up.

1-0 Juventus at HT. Torino will regret that chance in the first minutes.
Niang on for Baselli. Torino in full attacking mode now.


I’ve always loved Marchisio. God he’d have been perfect for us.


Dybala is back!



Dybala on.
Torino not even trying FFS!


He’s also pretty hot. He would have fitted in perfectly amongst our group of handsome men :grin:


Hubba hubba


Giroud is envious :wink:


1-0 FT for Juventus. Typical italian game for Juventus: score first, then defend to death.


Marchisio is meh looks wise


Napoli already up. Sarri’s side showing all their skills for the goal.

Bologna and Crotone up as well.

1-0 Bologna

1-0 Crotone


Benevento surely down if they lose to Crotone


Both Benevento and Sassuolo equalize.

1-1 Sassuolo

1-1 Benevento with the former Spud Sandro :arteta:. Benevento are the Premier League team rejects.

Spal are too weak to give Napoli any problem. Sarri’s side need to kill the game off quickly though.
Game over now. Hamsik.
Edit: disallowed by the VAR!

Benevento up as well.

2-2 Crotone

Mertens so close to the 2-0 with a great free kick.
Bologna and Benevento up!

2-1 Bologna

3-2 Benevento

Napoli win and are back to the top.


Better looking than that ham head Xhaka so what do you know.