Serie A Thread


Got smashed 5-2 by Roma. That turkish kid Under looks hot.


Yeah, he’s a bit Under-rated :sunglasses:


Always funny :wenger:



1-1 Bologna

2-1 Inter


1-0 Benevento

1-1 Roma

2-1 Roma

3-1 Roma

4-1 Roma

4-2 Benevento

5-2 Roma


No love for Sampdoria @Luca_from_Italy they’re only 5 points off Lazio now after beating Verona 2-0.

Quagliarell’s bagged 17 goals and 5 assist in 23 games this season now, great stuff from the veteran. Lucas Torreira done his thing again yesterday too.


I have a soft spot for Sampdoria, as Sampdoria supporters are friends with Parma supporters, my team in Italy (i also have many friends who support Sampdoria).

They have been the most constant team along with Milan besides Napoli and Juventus in the last month. If Roma, Inter and Lazio kept this average form they could do it.



He really looks like Dybala :smile:


Roma 0-0 at HT against Udinese.
Under strikes again! Golazo!

2-0 FT. Perotti with the 2nd.


As far as own goals go, the one Inter just conceded is pretty solid. Not sure they could do that again if they had 100 goes at it!

@Luca_from_Italy where’s the video? :laughing:


Here we go! Completely missed it :rofl:

2-0 Genoa. Too easy for them. Inter are done.


2-0 FT for Genoa. Inter are 4th now. Can see Roma being favourite for the 3rd place, especially if Under keeps it up.


How have Inter become so bad?



Not been too shabby at all so far, from what I have seen


Remember when they won the Scudetto 7 years in a row? And the CL?

lol long gone are the days of Milito and Eto’o tearing it up! Cambiasso and Sneijder too.

The back line they had was insane, even their depth was fucking nuts. Lucio, Maicon, Materazzi, Chivu, Walter Samuel, Santon, Zanetti, Cordoba.


That only happened because of Calciopoli. This is the real Internazionale.

It was five scudetto btw :wink:. Of one which was given too them (05/06).


Their luck has run out. Never played well before.


The Derby della Mole is on!


Hopefully Dybala will come on :heart_eyes:


Guess only if they really need him.