Serie A Thread


Well. That sucks.


They pretty much agreed a deal for Amin Younes from Ajax. He even went to Naples, but for some, unclear to me, reason that fell through.


2-0 Juventus FT. Fatty with the 2nd. Tottenumb will never beat them.


Hopefully. It’ll be hard for Spurs to break that defence down. Juventus have only conceded 1 goal in 15 or so games!


16 games :wink:


1-0 Bernardeschi

2-0 Higuain


Milan up at HT against Spal thanks to Cutrone.

2-0 Cutrone again. Better than Silva.

3-0 Biglia

4-0 Borini. You know you are shit when Borini scores against you :rofl:

4-0 Milan FT. They are 6th now.

Atalanta draw against Crotone so they are behind Milan now.


Lazio take an early lead against Napoli. It would be a massive result for Juventus.

Napoli can’t create anything after conceding. They are still in shock.
Callejon equalizes right at the end of the half. A very important goal for Napoli who were doing nothing.

1-1 HT.

Wallace’s own goal puts Napoli ahead now. Deserved for the way they have started the second half.

3-1! Another lucky deflection.


Juventus and Napoli not giving each other any breathing space.

I’m glad there is a battle going on there. The PL, La Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 have all but been decided, so it’s nice to have one title race going on.


Yep, but i think Juventus will have the edge in the end. They are used to fight at the top.


4-1 Mertens. Fantastic second half from Napoli.


Lovely bit of football for the Mertens goal there

We better bloody hope that they really do sack off the EL. Some sexy stuff going on here.


So boring!!!

They can’t focus on two competitions with the squad they have. Trust me and don’t complain.


4-1 Napoli






4-1 Napoli FT. Back to the top.


Inter win after 2 months and are back in 3rd now.


Some of the referee decisions in that match were appalling. Lazio were going absolutely full villain at the end. Hopefully there’s a VAR related ban that can be handed out.


It’s Sagna time

Loving seeing all these old Arsenal stars in action :grin: