Serie A Thread


Inter up against Crotone. Great header from Eder.

Inter up at HT.
Crotone equalize. FFS! Inter have become so fucking shit in just two months.

Crotone attacking after the goal. They clearly believe they can win against this shitty Inter side.
1-1 FT. Inter won their last game 2 months ago :rofl:


Roma up against Verona. Good movement and shot, but the keeper should have done better.

Roma up at HT.
Roma shooting themselves in the foot once again, as Pellegrini sees red.
Roma back to the winning way. Now they are just 1 point behind the 4th spot.


Susooo :boom:


Wow Juventus! :cech: 4-0 up at HT. Khedira’s brace, Alex Sandro and Pjanic. A true display of their power. Milan up as well.


Not a big deal. We do that all the time :sunglasses:


Only at home :wink:


Just the 7 goals for Juventus today, who have still only conceded 1 goal in their last 14 games.

Warming up for Spurs :sunglasses:


Fucking hell! What a thrashing! Lol at Donnarumma pulling out an own goal :arteta:

1-0 Juventus

2-0 Juventus

3-0 Juventus

4-0 Juventus

5-0 Juventus

6-0 Juventus

7-0 Juventus

1-0 Milan

1-1 Udinese


Hamsik just bottles a big chance to put Napoli ahead. He was completely free in the box.
Now Mertens puts Napoli ahead. Superb lob.

1-0 Napoli at HT. Not a great game, but Sarri’s side are in control.


Mertens golazo! Think he meant it?


2-0 Hamsik. Only 3 passes to score, even if it was Benevento who started the move by cocking up at the back :giroud: :

Koulibaly with the needless tackle ever :facepalm: . Penalty to Benevento and game on.
Edit: the VAR disallowed it because the move started in an offside position.
2-0 Napoli FT. The fight between Napoli and Juventus continue, albeit Juventus are emerging as clear favourite. Their defence is more solid than inox steel :smiley:


First Sagna, now these two.

Benevento trying to recreate Arsenal, circa 2010


why :gabriel:

invincibles i could understand


Because they were the only squad to be in 4 competitions on January 2011 and then out all 4 of them come March 2011

Legends of bottling!


They only need Almunia now!


Lazio down against Genoa.

Parolo equalizes with a good touch.

Genoa up again thanks to Laxalt, Bad mistake at the back.

Edit: disallowed from the VAR.

But now it stands. 2-1 FT for Genoa.


Surprise loss for Lazio


Fiorentina v Juventus tonight. This is one of my favourite fixtures.

I love that the rivalry is so one-sided, and that the reason for Viola hating Juve so much is partly because of Liam Brady.

There’s actually a pub near Fiorentina’s ground where at the bottom of receipts, it says “Juve shit” :grin:


Shame that Dybala is out. This is a “do or die” game for Fiorentina. They literally hate Juventus with all their heart.


What did Brady do?