Serie A Thread


Juventus up against Genoa thanks to Costa.

1-0 Juventus at HT. No problem for them against Genoa.
1-0 Juventus FT. Not a great game. Juventus just focused on getting over the line.


The scum, lolpool, and even chelseas of this world aren’t all that this year. They will continue to drop points. We just need to play out of our skins and we can still get top 4. Miki and Auba coming in and being on fire would help.


Wrong thread :wink:


Rafinha on loan to Inter. He will surely add something to a squad that lack so much creativity.


Lazio beat Udinese 3-0 to cement their 3rd place. Now Sampdoria-Roma.


Lazio have taken over from Napoli as the new hipster team :grin: They’re fun to watch and score a lot of goals.

Milinković-Savić :ok_hand: hope he doesn’t end up in Manchester.


Yeah, hopefully Real get him.


Sampdoria up at HT thanks to a Quagliarella’s penalty. Roma going through a bad period.

1-0 Sampdoria

1-1 FT. Dzeko equalizes right at the end. Farewell goal?


Juventus beat Chievo 2-0 to go top of the league. Khedira and Higuain.


I miss Dybala :disappointed:


Injured :wink:


I know. Not back for ages. I think he’s going to miss both legs against Spurs too.


Allegri said he will take a while to come back so 1 month at least.


Nothing on the TV so watching SPAL Vs Inter.

Decent game so far and a good atmosphere in the stadium


Yeah watching that too. I like SPAL, their stadium is so quaint and their rise to Serie A is pretty incredible. From financial troubles a few years ago to back to back promotions :ok_hand:


Another game without win for Inter. They have completely run out of fuel.


The magic of Spalletti eh?!

They were lucky to even get a draw – comical own goal


Tiny and average squad, tbh. Spalletti can’t do better.


What’s the Benevento keeper doing?! Down to 10 men now.


Wtf lol