Serie A Thread


A little part of me dies whenever I read anything like this. I’ll never forgive Arsenal for selling him for a bag of crisps and a KitKat.


Not sure anyone can be considered to be Buffon’s heir but he seems to have matured a lot away from Arsenal


Juventus-Torino for the Coppa Italia today.


This article says Icardi might be left at home for Higuain. It would be fucking incredible :neutral_face:


Douglas Costa puts Juventus up. Golazo.

Juventus 1-0 at HT.

2-0 Mandzukic.

2-0 Juventus FT. They are qualified and will face Atalanta in the semifinal.


Fiorentina-Inter 0-0 at HT.
1-1 FT. Inter can’t win anymore.


I like the look of Simeone. Sure, he misses some opportunities but he also comes to their rescue a lot. And he is very hard working.


Ha don’t worry Inter, we can’t aswell! :wave:


Icardi 1-0

Simeone 1-1


And people call me boring lmao this guys posts are basically ctrl + c ctrl + v


Yeah, we don’t him to remind us we are shit in every thread. Just get over it.


You still liked his post. :laughing:


Yeah wtf :joy::joy:


Juventus and Lazio away, while Roma and Napoli are at home. Roma have decided to call Nainggolan up after what he did on New Year’s Eve.


Lazio 1-1 against Spal atm.

1-0 Lazio. Very good goal.

1-1 Spal

Lazio up again thanks to Immobile.

What a game in Ferrara! Immobile makes the 3-1, then Antenucci the 3-2.

3-1 Lazio

3-2 Spal

4-2! Just amazing :smile:. Immobile’s hattrick.

2-4 at HT. Wow! 6 goals in just 45 minutes. Napoli and Milan draw, instead.


Good save on Insigne here. Napoli pushing to score immediately.
5-2 Lazio! Immobile with the 4th!

Milan up against Crotone. Bonucci.

Napoli can’t find a way through.
Now Mertens has a goal disallowed for offside. Good call, albeit it was close.
Napoli finally up thanks to Koulibaly. Good header from a corner.

Napoli put the game to be thanks to Callejon. Insigne’s assist.

Napoli win and keep the top. Incredible second win in a row for Benevento. Now they could even stay up. Milan and Lazio win as well. Now Roma-Atalanta.


Atalanta leading Roma thanks to a wonder goal from Cornelius! @Cristo

2-0 now! Wow!

Atalanta down to 10 men just before the break.

Dzeko pulls one back for Roma.

2-1 FT for Atalanta. They are having another amazing season.


Dybala hits the bar for Juventus with a wonderful free kick.
Juventus so impressive so far. Bernardeschi hits the post now.


0-0 at HT, despite Juventus being dominant.
Cagliari still holding on. Juventus would drop 2 massive points here.
Finally Juventus score with Bernardeschi, but Benatia elbowed Pavoletti during the action that led to the goal.
Juventus win and are still 1 point behind Napoli.


1-0 Juventus