Serie A Thread


Sounds like Donnarumma Sr has had a mixed bag of a game. Did he redeem himself @Luca_from_Italy ?


Yeah, not looking good.


Cutrone puts Milan ahead. Beautiful pass from Suso :giroud2:
Milan are through. Think it was a deserved win in the end. They wanted it more than Inter.


Napoli leading Crotone 1-0 at HT. Hamsik on the scoresheet.
Napoli win so they stay at the top.


Big game for Inter against Lazio. They badly need a win after 3 defeats in a row.


Why is Chiesa not playing for Fiorentina? He’s their best player! Can only imagine Piola is trying to hide him away before the January transfer window opens :grin:


*Pioli. Piola was a former player.


Autocorrect :roll_eyes:


Ok, no problem :wink:


Napoli goal against Crotone yesterday:

Milan 0-0 at HT against Fiorentina.


Game has suddenly come alive.

Cracking cross from Biraghi for Fiorentina’s goal!


1-1 FT. Milan are just a middle table team.


Pellegrini puts Roma up against Sassuolo. Good move started from an in-form Perotti.
1-0 Roma at HT. They are controlling it well.
Not much happening in this second half.
Dzeko just wide with a good shot inside the box.
Here we go. 1-1 Sassuolo with Missiroli. Roma will never change.

Florenzi disallowed for offside.
Roma 1-1 FT. Two points dropped in the title race. Benevento finally win their first game ever in Serie A!


I had some money on the draw pre game. At some point I saw the score being 2-0 so decided I had lost the bet, only to come home and see Sassuolo had equalized which obviously meant Roma’s second was disallowed. I was just checking my cashout value when Roma scored again, 2-1. Celebrations were in process, then VAR came into play and won me some moneys hahaha. I wonder if the first disallowed goal was decided by VAR as well. Fucking love VAR. VAR VAR VAR.


Atalanta cost me today. Bastards.


Inter 0-0 at HT against Lazio. They have forgotten how to score.
0-0 FT. Inter are basically out from the title race.


Juventus already up against Verona thanks to Matuidi after Higuain hit the post.

Higuain close to the 2-0 with a good free kick.
Good chance for Verde. His shot is just wide. Juventus are not struggling overall though.
How did Higuain not score? Straight at the keeper.
1-0 Juventus at HT. Solid and cynical like the old times.
What a strike from Caceres! Completely out of the blue! 1-1!
Verona have suddenly woken up. Dangerous again now.

1-1 Verona

Typical. He hasn’t scored for months, now he does. 2-1 Dybala.

Game over. Dybala again.

3-1 Juventus FT. Still one point behind Napoli.


As expected the Title race is now down to Napoli & Juventus.


Napoli-Atalanta for the Coppa Italia quarter-finals today. Should be a good game between 2 good sides.
Callejon close with a shot inside the box.
Despite being in control, Napoli are not creating that much.
0-0 at HT. Fair result.
Here we go! Castagna puts Atalanta up!

2-0 Gomez. Napoli don’t give a fuck about the cup. Not a good attitude.
2-1 Atalanta FT. They are through.