Serie A Thread


I mean you look at the level of talent that was around 15 or so years ago and it’s just not the same now.

People are saying this Man City side is as entertaining as arsenal 02-06 which is just a fucking joke.

Romario, Ronaldo, Sheva, Kaka, Henry, Bergkamp, Savicevic, Weah, Zidane, Totti, Maldini, Nesta, Costacurta, Vieira, Cannavaro, Adams, Pirlo (:mask:), Seedorf, Figo, Raul, Rui Costa, Xavi (:mask:) prime Ibra, Del Piero, Trezeguet, Thuram, Keane, Kahn, Ronaldinho, prime Buffon, prime Casillas, Overmars, Cafu, Roberto Carlos, Stam, Rivaldo, and I’m sure a fair few others of equal calibre, would easily walk into any of the top teams right now and improve their level.

Not to mention they were all huge personalities compared to the bland pricks we have today.

I sound old but, my dad (in his sixties) says 95-2005 was the most entertaining era in terms of the quality of the football on the field…


I think football as a game is experiencing a side-effect of being a huge money maker.

There are way too many good teams now. There is no room for players to express themselves because every team they come across has the means to find an opening.

Selfish to say but the imbalance of talents concentrated to few clubs was much better for the viewers than what we have now.
Even Barcelona is struggling to assemble quality players without having to go through a shit storm.

I miss Di Natale & Puyol :frowning_face:


It is true that personalities are missing in football. Partly due to the media which jumps on the slightest thing that individuals do. As much as I hated United of a few years ago they had big personalities in their squad, no way could a team dominate like they did without personality. Same can be said of recent Barça and Madrid teams.


Part of the lack of personalities has become the overmercenariation of football (that’s not a word lol)

How can you expect say Leroy Sane to care properly for Man City if he probably never even knew who they were before he joined?

It’s a paycheck and a career for him and most footballers these days.

@Gio looking back the 2006 World Cup has aged really well for me, the last hurrah of that awesome generation of players.


Having lost my grandad just before that World Cup, to then going to Kaiserslautern for the game v USA and somehow getting tickets to Dortmund for that semi final, I couldn’t have fallen in love with a group of players more, they brought me so much joy after a really shit time.

@Trion I do not miss Puyol at all. By cheating Sheva out of a legitimate goal, he cost the world possibly the best final of all time between two teams playing the best football in Europe.


Wow supporting Milan and watching Arsenal, fucking hell you are a glutton for punishment arent you. By any chance do you chant to yourself and whip yourself on the back constantly too?


Juventus up against Bologna thanks to Pjanic. Good goal

Bologna have already given up. 2-0 Mandzukic.

Juventus 2-0 up at HT.
3-0 Matuidi. Juventus are coming to regain the top.

Juventus beat Bologna 3-0. They are second now.


Caldara gives Atalanta the lead against Lazio
2-0 Ilicic now. Lazio are in disarray

1-0 Atalanta

2-0 Atalanta

Lazio pull one back with Milinkovic-Savic

2-2! Milinkovic-Savic again! We should bid for him.

2-2 at HT. Amazing first half.

Ilicic puts Atalanta up again thanks to a penalty

Disallowed goal for Atalanta with Caldara again thanks to the VAR. Correct decision, as it was offside.

3-3 Luiz Alberto! Atalanta’s goalie should have done better

3-3 FT. Great game!


Juventus ultras doing the roman salute before yesterday’s game. The funny thing is that the away stand in Bologna is dedicated to a jewish manager.


Roma get knocked out from the Coppa Italia by Torino. They have blown their best chance to win a trophy this season.

1-0 Torino

2-0 Torino

2-1 Roma

Juventus beat Genoa 2-0

1-0 Dybala

2-0 Higuain




Fantastic first half in Napoli. Sampdoria take the lead for 2 times, but Napoli lead 3-2 at HT.
Inter have officially collapsed. Lost to Sassuolo and are 5 points behind Napoli now.


Benatia puts Juventus up against Roma. Hit the bar twice, then score.




The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread

That was probably penalty to Roma.
1-0 Juventus at HT. They are controlling it well.


Florenzi hits the bar after Juventus have dominated the whole game.
1-0 Juve FT. Deserved win.




So it’s a 2-horse race by now, as expected at the start of the season. Napoli need to buy in january to keep it up though.


The Coppa Italia quarter-finals starts today with Lazio-Fiorentina. The big game is Milan-Inter, a must-win game for both teams, giving their form atm.
Lulic puts Lazio up with a good goal.

Lazio close to the 2-0 now.
So many chances for Lazio to kill the game off!
1-0 Lazio at HT. Should have been more.
First big chance of the game for Fiorentina. Great save.
Oh Immobile! Blocked just moments before shooting.
Lazio are through. Deserved. Should have been more.


Disallowed goal for Perisic against Milan for offside. Good call. Donnarumma’s brother is playing in goal for Milan :arteta:
Milan have been the slightly better team so far.
0-0 at HT. Fair result, albeit Milan did more.
What a miss from Joao Mario! He was 1 vs.1 with Donnarumma.
Now it’s Milan who miss an open goal.
ET. It’s fair. Neither side really deserve to win.