Serie A Thread


Milan up against Bologna thanks to Bonaventura.

Bologna equalize with Verdi. He looks very good.

1-1 HT. Milan still struggling a lot.
Bonaventura puts MIlan up again. Very key player for them.

Bologna don’t give up and come immediately close to equalize.
First win for Gattuso with Milan.


Lazio-Torino 0-0 at HT. Lazio down to 10 men, as Immobile is sent off.

Some game in this second half! 3-1 atm.

1-0 Torino

2-0 Torino

1-2 Lazio

1-3 Torino

3-1 Torino FT. Big blow to Lazio in the title race, albeit they have a game in hand.



Inter play Pordenone in the Coppa Italia today. Serie A vs. Serie C :smile:
Pordenone holding on! 0-0 at HT.
ET! Wow!
Amazing from Pordenone! They take Inter to penalties.
Inter win on penalties.


Milan beat 3-0 Verona in the Coppa Italia and go through, as Fiorentina who beat Sampdoria.


Inter 1-1 at HT against Udinese.

1-0 Udinese

1-1 Inter

What a win for Udinese! 3-1 FT!




Napoli leading 3-0 Torino at HT.

1-0 Napoli

2-0 Napoli

3-0 Napoli

3-1 FT for Napoli. They are back to the top.

3-1 Torino


Roma 0-0 at HT against Cagliari. Too slow. They need to speed the tempo up.
Penalty to Roma. Perotti takes it in a very crap way so Cragno saves it.

Seriosuly, why aren’t Roma playing faster? They could potentially be only 1 points behind Napoli.
Look, Roma speed the tempo up and they suddenly become dangerous.
6 minutes added on. Still time for Roma to score.
Roma score! Can’t understand if it is handball or not.

1-0 FT for Roma. Now they are 4 points behind Napoli, with a game in hand.


Verona up against Milan :smile:
1-0 Verona at HT. Gattuso still not getting his grip on Milan.

1-0 Verona

2-0 Verona! Ahahaha! :poldi:


What a fucking shit show we are today


I was waiting for you milanista!


2-0 Verona


Just today? Lol

Still the only team to give Benevento anything. Does it hurt to see Inter doing well? :hear_no_evil:


3-0 lol!


Heh Milan turned out to be like Everton.
All that spending meant for nothing.


Not really. I’m immune to it all, juve dominating for so long I’ve just become desensitised to it all. Thank fuck I was there during our greatest triumphs or it would actually bother me.

It’s all just so average now, I don’t really enjoy football anymore.


3-0 FT for Verona. No one can save this Milan side, not even Gattuso with his grit (can’t teach how to pass the ball).

3-0 Verona


I feel you.
Current football doesn’t thrill me as much.

I don’t think this is because of lack of success.


AC Milan AND Arsenal

Would have ran into traffic by now


You’re forgetting we didn’t make the World Cup, and even the other team I enjoy watching - when they’re on form - (Chile) didn’t make it either. All I have left is United not ever winning anything…