Serie A Thread


Why do current players taking selfies trigger old players so much lol. It’s just what our generation do.


Because it’s seen as soft and vain and a bit gay. For a lot of those footballers having your picture taken etc. was only something soft singers and actors did (usually female as well), not hard man footballers that liked a pint before the game.

Can you imagine razor or Ben thatcher or Keane or whoever posting on social media about their cool new hairdo or “dabbing” or whatever? Shearer and co. can’t relate to it at all because it’s a generational thing. In a way I completely get it though, I hate social media and I can see why people think the players are insincere and don’t care if they’ve just lost the NLD but are still posting selfies smiling and promotions their newest FIFA fut card or whatever . Or hanging out with some grade a premium 100% YouTube Cunt.

I do wish sometimes football hadn’t been taken over by social media so much in that sense. I hate how every footballer has a fucking brand now and their own line of designer clothing etc. Just play the game and win the games you narcissistic wankers.


Seems to have TRIGGERED you aswell cristo :wink:


Nope but I can defo imagine the likes of Beckham and Jamie Redknapp doing it.

I think it’s quite rare for players to do it when they lose anyway. Usually it’s a celebration thing. I quite like seeing into the pkayers’ lives on Snapchat etc. And I especially like seeing Giroud topless :smiling_imp:


Yeah but those two are soft cunts as well so fuck them. Also I don’t appreciate the way you objectify Giroud, very misandrist. :rofl:




Bonaventura gives Milan the lead against Benevento just before HT.
Kalinic. 2-1.
Romagnoli off. C’mon Benevento now!
GET IN!!! Finally a point for Benevento! The keeper scored a golazo!
:arteta: :cech:


Absolute scenes!!!


Sign him up!


Amazing start from Inter against Chievo. Already a couple of dangerous situation.


Their first ever Serie A point - and it comes via a goal from their GK! Amazing stuff. This is why I love football.


Image it yesterday, with De Gea doing it :xhaka:. Think i would have smashed my head against the wall.


Love it


Candreva with a nice trick :laca:
Nice game in San Siro. Chievo giving it a go. Handanovic with a great save on Meggiorini.
Perisic literally brakes Sorrentino’s fingers here. 1-0 Inter!
1-0 Perisic

Joao Mario misses an easy 1 vs. 1 with the keeper.
Fiorentina up against Sassuolo.
“The sentence”! 2-0! :wink:

Cagliari up against Bologna.

Simeone’s son goal vs. Sassuolo

Icardi 2-0

Uh Brozovic! Would have been a screamer.


Benevento got their first point against Milan :joy::joy:


Perisici with a nice finish. 3-0. Inter look a tank.
4-0 Skriniar. Fantastic move.

3-0 Perisic

4-0 Skriniar

3-0 Fiorentina.

Federico Chiesa 3-0

1-1 Bologna.
5-0 FT. Perisic’s hattrick.


Our generation really got annoying with amount of pics they need to take.
The other day I went out with office colleagues to eat ‘Thupkaa’, this guy was taking pic of bloody sauces to put on Snapchat.



Bad being the guy taking that pic, worse being the guy liking it…


I actually agree. You get people that go and spend like £10,000 on a luxury holiday and spend most of the fucking time on their phone taking selfies and pictures to post and gloat about it on facebook. I think to myself you just have spent £10,000 to do nothing different as such and spend your time in a fantastic location but pissing around on your fucking phone. It seems nowadays people take things to such huge extremes that almost literally everything barring how many times a day you use the toilet is documented and thrown out there for bloody strangers to read. It literally means everything to most people so much so that their moods and depression etc all hinge on social media their whole lives depend on it and their whole worth it is an epidemic and its a shame a lot of people tie so much into it.


Gattuso needs to get with the times, players using social media is great, shows they’ve got life about them and aren’t completely boring, likes of Mendy and Batshauyi on Twitter are great. Don’t think many people want to see Gattuso’s mug in a selfie but many other players get a lot of likes :grinning: