Serie A Thread


Internazionale has been very solid. It seems like Icardi is also developing more of a complete offensive game too. It wouldn’t be the first time they collapsed after the a good first half of the season tho, so they should be cautious also because they haven’t got that much depth. But if they could sign Pastore in the summer and a few back-ups for their defenders and Icardi they should be able to challenge Juventus next season.


Expected, but not with Gattuso. He brings nothing.


Don’t know what you’re on about the mans a genius. He’ll motivate the hell out of them in a league where tactics aren’t important whatsoever and it’ll be totally fine.


Didn’t he do a terrible job at some Swiss team and get the sack?


@Gio was definitely being sarcastic lol


Imagine he does amazing though :giroud3: :cech:


I mean, obviously I hope, and I love him no matter what, but he will not do well.


Milan clearly waiting for Carlo, imo. Gattuso is just temporary.


Pordenone from the third tier knock Cagliari out in the Coppa Italia 4th round!



Napoli-Juve :giroud2: . Roma play Spal before.


Roma leading Spal 2-0 at HT.



3-0 Pellegrini

3-1 Viviani

4-3-2-1 for Juventus.
3-1 FT for Roma.


3 passes and Napoli move the ball from their box to Juventus’s.
Pjanic with a bad mistake. Allan gets the ball, but Hamsik fails to score.
Now a big chance for Fatty. Good save by Reina. Nice start to the game.
Fuck me! Great counter and Fatty scores.


That’s a great counter and finish by Fatty, looks like Juve will have the answers in Serie A yet again.


1-0 Fatty

Nice chance for Hamsik. Juventus a bit shaky at the back.
Fucking hell! Napoli getting countered so easily.
What a chance for Benatia!
De Sciglio almost causes a penalty.


Juve looking very compact at the back


Yeah, so they can counter Napoli very easily.


Chiellini is finished :arteta:. Good save by Buffon on Insigne.
Finally a massive chance for Napoli with Insigne again. Gigi saves.
Insigne’s shots so weak today, but he is trying at least.
1-0 Juventus at HT. Meh…they will never die.
Much better from Napoli now.
What is the problem with Insigne today? His shots are so weak. Napoli getting closer and closer though.
Juventus parking the bus.
Zielinski on.
What a save by Reina! :cech:
Finally Rui is off. He is just shit.
Fucking hell! Same old, same old! You just can’t win the league if you are not Juventus :arteta:




Gattuso saying it seems so much less Whiney than whichever pound shop sky sports presenter said it… but I’m massively biased ofc, or was it Keane and they’re basically the same “he’s a dickhead but he’s my dickhead” kind of person?