Serie A Thread


Lazio’s game has officially been postponed.
Third time Roma are up. Manolas.
Fatty. 1-1. It was coming.
Easy header for Cuadrado to give Juventus the lead.
Fiorentina give it all. Don’t deserve to lose.
Perotti! 4-2!
Napoli with a bad draw here. Juventus only 1 point behind now.


The great Andrea Pirlo has retired. An all time great player.


I saw him in the flesh for both Milan and NYC. He still had it, even at 37.

Such a beautiful and cool footballer :sunglasses:


Such a fucking cunt though


Liked and had to unlike. I don’t hate him like you do haha.


I rate him so highly as a regista, but for that goal fabregas got against us in 2008 where he let him walk past, then said all the shit about us in his book and how Real Madrid and barcelona were the best teams in Europe at the time when Milan could and - stupid moments aside - should have won four champions leagues in 5 seasons. Everyone raves about him but he’s a petulant little bitch. I don’t even mind him going to juve, his departure won milan a scudetto. I mind him wanting more than he deserved when he’d given up trying then refound his motivation on less money at juve the following season. It’s something I’ll probably always be bitter about.

Also everyone says 2006 all his motm performances mean he won us the World Cup. That was Cannavaro by a long way.

Furthermore I think seedorf did more for us in the same amount of time that pirlo did.


I don’t know why but I always have a feeling that he is not a great guy.

Football great of course.


Our magician. Italy has never been the same without him.


Not a Football great?


I think he is questioning the non footballing bit.


Yes I re read that. My bad @Trion. I just read the post wrongly.


It’s strange, I think Totti and Maldini were definitely better players than him, but he did more for Italy somehow. Though 2002 was a joke :fire: :kr::fire:


Can’t wait for Mourinho to use this excuse when United next lose a game!

“There’s so much praise from everywhere, but always without points,” Vigorito said to Gazzetta dello Sport.
“The blame lies with the malignant influences which have always been associated with this city… witches. Yes, it’s true."


Gonna be a great saturday with Roma derby and Napoli-Milan.


Yeah, it was offside to me. Goal disallowed for Lazio.


side ref was so late on it head ref had to share some luls with Ciro afterwards


Dzeko close with a good header.
0-0 HT. Even game.
Penalty to Roma. Stupid foul to give away, as he was going nowhere. 1-0 Perotti.
What a strike by Nainggolan! 2-0!
Immobile’s penalty pulls one back.
Great win for Roma. They are now 3rd, with a game in hand.


First chance of the game for Callejon. Donnarumma saves.
Napoli creating dangerous situations on the set pieces.
Milan look well-organized now. They have settled in.
Insigne scores after the VAR checked it.
Wow Insigne! Only Sventura could not play him! He hits the post.
Meanwhile, Suso off, Andrè Silva on.
Napoli dominating now. They should have scored the 2nd again.
1-0 HT.
Milan have started the second half well. Napoli struggling a bit atm.
Napoli living dangerous, albeit Milan are not really dangerous.
Instead of marking, Bonucci stopped his run and let Zielinski score the second.
Too little, too late for Milan. 2-1 Romagnoli.
2-1 FT for Napoli.


Expect Sampdoria to be a tough test for Juventus today. Hopefully they can stop them.


I’m just hoping Benevento can get their first points today. Starting to feel sorry for them :crossed_fingers: