Serie A Thread

That’s fair.

He lead the scouting project at Dortmund during the Klopp and Tuchel years. His ability to ID young talent was never in doubt in developing squads.

The fact that he made a conscious decision to work with Stuttgart isn’t a knock against him, he got burned twice at bigger clubs through no fault of his own so he’s obviously soured on the experience of multiple cooks in the kitchen

Berlusconi back in the big time with Monza after beating Pisa in the play offs,should be fun next season.

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Retire you prick


“I’ve got black friends” vibes


I gave a black guy a job once is a few tiers below some of my best friends are black :ozil:


Gattuso got the GOAT level hairline

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Mourinho has them believing again.

Feels like it was a good move for him to re-find his love for the game.

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Cunts could have saved Catania instead

Shame. Looks like Maldini and Massara will leave because Milan’s owners aren’t prepared to guarantee a solid budget for the summer and also aren’t prepared to expand Maldini’s scope for decision making.

They’ve done some really good work which I think has put Maldini in a positive light as a sporting director.

Bellotti leaving on a free from Torino, that’s surprising after the summer he was valued at €100m.

Would he be worth a punt for us? Surprised there’s no market for him, he’s saved Torino from relegation hasn’t he?

Not at all. Never looked the same after that second season at Torino.

Good player but not convinced he’s really anything worth investing in

What do you think the issue was? Just a Michu flash in the pan one season wonder type thing?

He’s a pretty solid player but I don’t think he’ll ever be a truly prolific goal scorer and nobody wanted to pay big money for a 15 goal a season striker who looks limited.

I just think the fact there’s been a dearth of high quality strikers in the market and nobody’s ever really pushed Torino to sell says a lot about his profile.

His breakout season was like 5 years ago now and he’s 28. He stinks it up for the national team and is regarded as a flop for his country.

He’ll bag himself a good move this summer because he’s free and will be worth the risk for maybe Milan but all in all I think he’s just a limited level talent who you can rely on to score 15 goals and maybe hold the ball up sometimes but there’s not much else to his game.

I liken his situation to Lacazette in that he really made it to 26/27 without any club taking a proper risk on him until Wenger decided to pay £50m for a striker no other top club wanted. Not actually that dissimilar a player too he’s just quicker than Lacazette and has a better workrate.


Yeah rumour has it that he’ll end up at Monaco on a free or maybe Monza, pretty much zero interest from anyone else

Thank fuck this got rejected then

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