Serie A Thread

Anyone on Serie A watch today?

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Girouuud!! @Phoebica
Milan so close now


Don’t tag me, tag @Aussiegooner



Double digits goals now at 35

Nice to see he’s finally contributing to a trophy push rather than coasting on better players.

You also in the club of people who believe if a forward doesn’t score then he isn’t contributing? Despite everyone he plays with saying they couldn’t be the player they were without his help?

Ah well. No helping some people.

He scored the opener in the Europa League final of 2019…

Ahaha I’m sure the likes of Mbappe credit their ability as a player to Giroud

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10 goals as a starting striker in a title team really isn’t much.

A Gabriel Jesus type contribution.

Not at all. I just hate him for fucking up our title chances and being so incompetent we bought Lacazette and then being so bad we had to buy Aubameyang which allowed him to move to Chelsea and Forrest Gump his way to trophies he didn’t deserve.

It’s not business, it’s all personal.

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Not so much him. More players he plays with regularly. From the French team, Griezmann is the one who always says how much Giroud makes a difference though.

Griezmann also wore blackface to a party so you’ll forgive me if I don’t really think he’s the smartest guy around.

He knows ball though.

World class managers also play Giroud time after time. Yet a section of Arsenal fans think they know best.

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It’s not about knowing best. He was so bad for us that Wenger spent 50m on strikers in back to back windows and destroyed our attack.

Yeah Wenger was in decline but if he was willing to buy Lacazette (a player he was lukewarm on) because Giroud was so bad, I think it tells us something about Giroud.

It’s not Giroud’s fault that we paid £50m for Lacazette.

Giroud could have done as well, if not better.

If he’d been even par for a striker we win the league over Leicester. I get that you like him but my hatred for him is irrational. It cannot be explained away with facts or stats. I just think he sucks.


Get the hatty Giroud pls

The Leao to Giroud connection is nuts lol


He reminds of of peak Adebayor.

AC Milan first scudetto since the Allegri days like a decade ago


Yep. That’s what signing Giroud does for you.

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